A Rose By Any Other Name

Is a rose indeed, so goes the saying.

However, I’m starting to get a little… irked by my name. Mei [or May, or Mae, however one’s parents choose to spell it] is indeed a very common name amongst Chinese, as Mei means “beauty” or “little sister” [mei mei] in Mandarin. A pity I have neither … In fact, there’s another instructor named Mei in my studio! So can you imagine the confusion that happens in class when both of us practice together?

“Mei! Er, the teacher. Leg up leg up!”

“Mei Pink! Get your head closer to your toes …”

“Mei!”. And both of us would turn to look quizically at the instructor.

The studio director yesterday suggested I find another name to call myself in class, as it’s confusing to have 2 Meis in 1 class.

SD : Find yourself a new name. I had such a hard time correcting yesterday!

M* : Hmm, what about sotong? [squid – cause I’m about as flexible as a squid]. Or Tofu.

SD : Nah, it sounds so negative. What about Butterfly? [after the tattoo on my back]. Oh but that’s too long! Oh wait, what about, M?

M* : Ok, sounds good!

I have yet to get used to my new name.

“M! Chest up! Push forward!”

Who the hell is this new girl named Em? Hurry and push .. oh wait.

Poor studio director even forgot that I was M at one point too!

“Mei er Mel er M!”

There are just too many girls that start with M at my studio 😉

Speaking of Chinese names, some of the Chinese people here have the WEIRDEST English names ever. Can you imagine meeting someone who introduces herself as either a : Estee, Avocado, Fish, Rihanna, Audreanna, Spaturaytia, Apple, Hernia, Rainbow … and the list goes on. I’ve met a guy named Sky [who ironically enough, drove a Skyline], Pericles [after the Ancient Greek politician. Serious], Nieks …

So there came a new student whose name I won’t mention, but will show :

Studio Director then piped up, “Oh Mei! Maybe I should call you Orange, or Banana … I hope no one goes hungry in class!”

To avoid looking like the mean bitch that I am, instead of laughing out loud, I curled up and began laughing into my legs, like a good little vibrating prawn dumpling. I think she saw me and cast me an evil look. Heh.

LT suggested that since I’m now M, I may as well be M for Mango.

Thanks. But I’d rather be M for Mangosteen. 😀



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  1. No, not Mango! Do you know the Flaming Lips? They have a great album where Yoshimi battles the evil robots. Yoshimi is my Bikram cheerleader in my head and on the car stereo when needing to drown out MY monkey mind.
    “She has to discipline her body, bc she knows she can’t let those evil robots win!” yep, that’s me, battling the evil robots in my brain. So, maybe you can be Yoshimi in class? I would want to practice right next to you, even with your popping insides and bursting tampons! ; >
    thanks again for my birthday wishes….

    • I just had to youtube the song you mentioned, and it’s very cute! Yes, sounds like we all need a little cheering up occasionally in the hot room!

      We certainly MUST try! It’d be so rad to have all the other Bikram bloggers in 1 room practicing together. Imagine the energy!

  2. i can’t wait til one of you is leading class!

    • It’ll depends whether my home studio has a vacancy 😦 Or else it’s an overseas posting for me, which is the whole purpose of teaching Bikram Yoga anyway! 🙂

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