Happiness Is …

Going in to the hot room and killing yourself, exceeding all expectations and doing the best of your ability in backward bends. I think I’m very oh so very very near the floor, as the instructor today kept on yelling [we don’t have  speakers over here] : GO BACK, WAY BACK, TOUCH THE FLOOR M TOUCH THE FLOOR, TOUCH THE FLOOR. A little voice in my head squeeked “No! I won’t touch the floor today! Not yet!” before a sickening CRACK emanated through my spine.

Yes, happy. Happy as can be. Happy as a lark even though my hair’s so long and untidy it looks like a wren’s nest atop my head [even after my hair’s pinned back]. Happy for all the corrections that was handed to me today. Happy for the extra long spine twist.

Not happy about the fact that I had TOO DAMN MUCH GAS in my tract that while in padahastasana, I really felt like giving birth to a fart right in “ball-less” guy’s head. Dandayama-dhanurasana today was more like “Try not to fart in LT’s face pose”. Correction : The whole class today was “Try not to let one riiiiiiip, ok?”.

If I’m rambling in this post, sorry, I’m just riding the wave of endorphins. Off to bed for a morning torture session. *z



Posted on June 4, 2009, in Bikram Yoga, Fun fun, Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Gas during class is such a popular topic. Love it!

    Awesome blog by the way…..I wish I checked it out sooner.

    • Gas, whether it be farts or burping, seem to be the common delightful bubble inducing topic for us yogis.

      Thanks for the compliment, you’ve got interesting tweets! 🙂

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