BEHOLD, My Fat Self

7th Form Performance

7th Form Performance

Why hello, my friendly reader. There was once upon a time, way way way before Bikram, that I weighed 56kgs. Behold the photo above, that was me at my heaviest. Not to mention my unhealthiest – binge drinking Thurs – Sat almost every weekend coupled with late nights [by late night I meant coming home at 3-4am, or even 5-6am before going back to school at 9am]. Ah, the vitality and stamina of youth!

And man, I had really long hair last time. Though I must admit, back then I had so many piercings, it was such a hassle pointing it all out to airport security.

Free cookie to those who can spot my gargantuous tummy. The one that’s filled with alcohol and junk inside.

For the record, no I didn’t dress as such to school. That was my 6th Form uniform, revisited for a special 7th Form performance as per Epsom Girls Grammar tradition.

Here’s one more of me at the 7th Form Ball. I can’t remember who my date was.

l-r : Vin, Fatso, Christine

l-r : Vin, Fatso, Christine

Look at the two lovely ladies flanking me. I look like an ill-wrapped piece of roast pork compared to the 2, even though I’m wearing black.

Back then, I even had tits the size of melons. At least men now talk to my face and not my cleavage. This happened TWICE at my old workplace, by the way. Glad those two fucktards resigned. I’m only sorry I didn’t take their eyes out when they left.

There, that’s all the fat photos I have of myself, since my laptop decided to unceremoniously die on me, taking with it my notes, journals, essays, dissertations with it. 😦

Told you I WAS fat!


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  2. That may be fat in Malaysia but not in the USA.

    Regardless, the beauty of regular bikram practice is that your body knows what weight it needs to be and will get you there the best. With regular practice, no more pictures looking like wrapped sausages!

  3. you also don’t drink any more and your hair is shorter. that adds weight, i think!

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