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Since Bikram is Hot asked what the crowd at my home studio is like, instead of posting a 1000 word comment in my box, why not blog about it? I think its a cool idea to swap studio stories, where all of us are, what the people there are like [I’m sure everyone there is nice, unless you get the occasional mixed nut, like me]. I’m looking forward to posts from fellow Bikram Yoga practitioners from ALL over the world, hint hint.

The True Group

I practice BY at a studio a 3 minute drive [or a 15 minute bike ride, but really, I don’t want to get kidnapped or kiss the windshield of a 4×4] from my house. My studio is owned by a chain of gyms, think the McDonald’s of gyms. For more information about the True Group, *clickity click . For 2 miserable pictures of my home studio, *clickity click. Don’t think I’d want to take photos of the studio [all 3 stories] as the last time I brought a camera in, I was with a police Sargent and 2 boys in blue to lodge a report against some pervert who had a glorious look at me in the shower. May that pervert get syphillis in the ass, gonorrhea in the eyes and herpes in the mouth.

The People @ BY Subang Jaya

Since the studio is located in a residential area, we seldom get … interesting people who come in and practice. Demographics [I should REALLY stop using this word] Benders here are mostly in their late 30s, married, with 2.5 children, middle-class, etc. Although the studio is located near-ish to some colleges, there are virtually no students who come try out BY as they either fear the heat, prefer being glued to the PC or simply have no balls. Benders here are from a wide variety of occupations – a high-ranking bank officer, a caterer, few housewives, a teacher [she’s so elegant!], marketers and a nutty writer.

The Teachers @ BY Subang Jaya

Since our studio is fairly young [about a year old], we started off with teachers from all over the world – truly a racial melting pot of sorts. The only local teacher is our studio director, and he was based in Thailand before he came back here to teach. All teachers who are with the True group are led by a regional head [for Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand], Rich Nichols. I hope to add myself to the teacher’s roster come December! 🙂

Click here to learn more about other Bikram Yoga studios operated by True Fitness  in the Asian region.

Hmm, that’s all I can think of at the moment.If y’all think I’m missing something out, lemme know and I’ll add it in.



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  1. F**** yea if mei becomes my instructor.

    then again…


    • Because you’re also a June baby, I forgive you.


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