After yesterday’s craptastic day, I overslept this morning and had a nice lie in bed. Actually, screw it, I deserved that extra 2 hours in bed as I was up for 2 hours killing the 2 mozzies that were playing Tchaikovsky near my ear. It gave me great pleasure to pull one of the little buggers apart before ending his misery with a square of tissue. A 3rd mozzie came out to play, making me nuke my room with insecticide before I could enjoy another 3 hours of shuteye.


I think it’s really the lack of sleep that’s making me so cranky. Though I can’t simply imagine how I’d react when if I were to go for Teacher Training. Everyone would probably label me “That Asian Superbitch Who Ought to Get Deported” or avoid me like the bubonic swine flu epidemic.


In fact this afternoon I was SO. Tired. , I was quite tempted to skip class and have a little lie in. Didn’t help that I’m actually TERRIFIED of today’s teacher. In fact I was so scared, I was practically quaking in my Shakti Activewears before class. But I thought – screw it, I paid for this – grew a pair of balls and drove my shivering-in-absolute-fear butt to class.


Was I so glad that I went! First, Bernard brought me a bowl of tong sui [Chinese sweet soup-y dessert], with 2 farm fresh eggs, large bits of gingko nuts, a healthy sprinkling of barley in a sweet concoction of soya milk. YUM! Absolutely divine! He said it’ll be good for my rashes as it’ll help cool the body down [the Chinese medicine system works on a hot/cold basis, sorta like Yin and Yang. Maybe I’ll blog about this someday].


After class – which wasn’t so bad afterall. He managed to joke and smile with us, I’ve always thought he was such a severe, serious person  – another bender invited me out to dinner with her. I politely declined, stating that being unemployed [and saving for BYTT] meant that I was short on funds. She said “Oh don’t worry, I’ll pay! It’s all from the heart, so don’t worry about it dear”. I was so touched and shock, but had to decline anyways as I remembered that there was a slab of fish waiting to be devoured back home.


So the saying’s right – If you’re feeling like shit, things are bound to get better sooner or later. Now let’s see what’s in store for me should I choose to go to BYTT after yesterday’s bombshell.



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  1. Just got your DMs. Having never seen a bikram studio contract i’m pretty lost. I thought bikram studios already worked on a franchise kinda deal.? he’s always said that there is no guarantee of a job offer, but really, Mei, when you’re a teacher, you gotta know that people will be saying, I don’t want to miss her class!
    i should look for people that graduated in the fall and see how they are doing. know anyone?

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