I just HAD to eat that cereal bar 2 hours before class. It was a very delicious dark chocolate with cacahuetes peanut cereal bar. Delicious if you like crumbly cereal bars with rice krispies. Well, I don’t. The only thing that made me continue eating it was that it had cacahuetes peanuts and dark chocolate. Mmmm dark chocolate. Ugh, only 5 more of its brothers to go.


Said “HELLO” to nausea right after trikanasana. I swear the teacher held it for too damn long, and if looks could kill, he would’ve been reduced to a pile of rubble by now. Today was indeed a tough class, had to battle with nausea and a dry throat [stupid haze] to boot. Got called out and corrected for poorna-salabhasana [this seems to happen near daily, what’s wrong with my body? 😦 ]. “Mel, er Mei, er M, oh whatever – hands UP and BACK”. Only this teacher would be able to get away for teasing me as such.


Which brings me to my next point : Is it even right, OK or acceptable to avoid a particular teacher’s class?  I accept the fact that I am lousy at foreward bends [I will be 52 years old by the time I get my forehead to my toes], I can’t touch my toes together [bunion], my right hip cracks during pavanamuktasana, I can’t get off my heel when balancing on my left foot during padangustasana [stupid bunion caused weak toes,again], my hips fly out of alignment during dandayama dhanurasana, etc etc, but these are my liminations for now, for today, hence I work on it, EVERY DAY. What that particular teacher says [in that accusatory tone] : There’s something wrong with your back, Mei. Why can’t you do forward bends?  / Why can’t you hold the posture [dandayana dhanurasana] long enough? Answer : Yes, there’s something wrong with my back. Yes, there’s something wrong with my foot. Yes, there are HEAPS of other things wrong with my body, from my wrists to my toes, all the way up to my head. But I am working on it, every bend, twist, stretch, every day for 90 minutes so that I feel good on the INSIDE. Everyone’s body geometry / type is different, some may even be flawed or imperfect. Not everyone’s blessed to be born both porportionate AND flexible.


So thanks to sweat, I have determined that the cause of my hangover headache yesterday was dehydration and lack of sleep. Solution : Drink 5litres of water and nuke my room with bug spray before I go to bed. Those damn mosquitoes are keeping me away from my beauty sleep, so much so that I look and sound in need of a shot of Botox on my forehead and a stick removed from my arse.





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  1. you are so hard on yourself, stop it. it’s only yoga.

  2. Just discovered your blog. You have me laughing out loud at work. ;))

    There are certain teachers (or actually one teacher) that I do not like. So, yes – I avoid her class if at all possible. Not very evolved of me, but it’s better than wanting to strangle her throughout the whole ninety minutes.

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      Mind if I link you up on mine?

      Hmm, any particular reason you don’t like her?

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