Since I’ve been bugged by mosquitoes serenading in my ear for over a week [sorry, a terrible pun], I went out of my way and bought overpriced citronella incense. RM10 for 30 citronella cones and 10 sticks of incense. Add on RM20 for a funky little walnut incense holder, and I literally burnt money in under 30 minutes. What?! The incense holder was pretty. Plus the guy threw in a free little incense holder for me. Only cause I looked pitiable and threw him sad soppy doe eyes whenever I could.

I’ve decided to smoke my house with citronella incense as apparently citronella is a natural mosquito repellent. I wonder what’s a natural dumbass repellent? My upstairs lounge smells of smoke and yay! no mozzies have fed on me just yet. I’d burn incense in my room, but I don’t have a death wish just yet. Plus I’ll stick to nuking my room with mozzie spray for a while, until I figure out the best cone / incense stick ratio timing thingajig, which will take me about 19.5 attempts as yours truly failed Calculus gloriously.

On the Bikram side of things, I HATE hate hate taking a day off, as my body feels so. damn. sore. and. stiff. after a “rest day”. I don’t feel as ‘connected’ to my body, postures that were familiar suddenly became strangers hellooooooo what was that muscle? and getting my mind back into the groove was about as easy as wrestling with a toddler during dinner. I blame my dodgy ankle. *waves fist at ankle.

Since everyone’s been feeling crappy of sorts, here’s a video that will bring on the LOLs. Totally SFW [safe for work], unless your boss has an aversion to chairs.




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  1. i finally went to bikram yoga this morning after a month away, and it felt amaaaazing. i didn’t realize how much my body was longing for it. i took a break because i was feeling uninspired, so i hope i can push through any plateaus and keep at it. great job doing bikram everyday! i’ve been wanting to do the 30 day challenge, but am a chicken… :p

  2. Don’t worry about the plateaus, I get them once in a while too. Then the next day when I go back, I get my ass kicked again 😀

    Oh come, join us! It could be an ‘international’ 30 day challenge of sorts. 🙂


    ‘loose pants work best.. with no underwear”….


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