Before I begin, I shall tell you what a glorious and delicious dinner I had. On tonight’s menu was leftover lasagna from Sunday topped with Parmesan cheese that expired in January 2008. Hmm. No wonder the cheese tasted a little bit funky.

Today’s class with Jakob was one of the more hilarious. While lying down in savasana, he told the 2 newbies : “OK, that concludes our warm-up. And now, the REAL yoga begins…”. A shocked “HAH?!” filled the silent, humid air, after which Mel and I started giggling half the time during savasana. Jakob explained that yes, the standing series was to warm your body up, and that the real benefits are reaped during the floor series.

Here’s a very interesting analogy I learnt today [it pays to listen and not daydream, Tip # 9081 to Self Realisation] :

Kill yourself in class. [By killing yourself, I am not talking about being suicidal, for my friends who are non-Bikram yogis 😀 ]. By killing yourself, you effectively “die” and strip away all negative preconceived notions about yourself. You kill your Ego [there’s a philosopher who wrote about The Ego and The Self, and I forgot who he is. Can someone help my melting brain out?]. To be Reborn and have a new Life, new Body with the door to your Self open, you need to kill yourself first. It is only then from the ashes that you rise.

And that is all for today. My brain has melted into a pile of mush and I don’t think iasd fsdfn..spi djfs ..

M*3p9t6ir jg26m.kdgoad


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  1. hehe you’re so cute!

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