Herm. It occured to me suddenly that I *should* probably set up another blog that specifically chronicalled my Bikram Yoga lessons. Friends who come to visit expecting bitchy lashings, rantings and or updates [Did you know that I am to be an aunt for the… fifth time? Whatever title is bestowed once your cousins pop out the tots, that is]. Plus the odd one or 2 who come around here looking for scandalous photos. You know who yer are!

Which leaves me – wordpress or blogspot? I love wordpress for its awesome stat-tracking-analytics [plus I’m used to it], whereas blogspot seems to be a popular choice for bloggers. Ah screw it, I’ll stick with wordpress instead. Why am I having this internal monologue out in the public amuses me. Then again, small things amuse small minds, which goes to show how intellectually handicapped I am after too much sugar.

Which leaves me with a blog URL. The only punny thing that I can pun it with is meiiyoga. Geddit? Mei [may] I yoga? Or … yogamei. Or bikmeiup. Bikram Yoga picks me[i] up…geddit? Allrighty, enough punning. I’ll leave the puns to a better expert – sweat!


p.s : Hmm. Never knew my name could be so punny. Would you like some meiyonnaise [mayonnaise] on your sandwich? Meibe you shouldn’t, you’re meibidly obese. *stabs fingers with a fork.


Posted on June 18, 2009, in Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. and i had just worked mind playground into one of the comments on my blog! well, both words in the same sentence anyway.

    for my first year blogging, i used blog.mac—LAME! so happy to be using wordpress.

    mmmmmm, sugar. enjoy!

    • WordPress rocks my world, can’t believe I missed out on it for the 5 years I was on xanga.

      Too much sugar ain’t good. ‘sides, I’d always like to think of myself as sweet enough [insert guffaw]

  2. lol.. i got one really good one for you!!

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