Hungry hungry

This week I’ve got an appetite of a small army. I can eat and eat and eat and gobble gobble gobble om nom nom til I’m full only to feel hungry 3 hours later.

Example :

Breakfast : Cereal drink before morning Bikram

Lunch : Extra large bowl of noodles with steamed chicken and veggies

Afternoon snack : Handful of biscuits and 500ml of pear cider [suu..gar…]

Pre dinner snack : Cookie

Dinner : 2 lamb cutlets, bowl of rice, salad AND baked sweet potatoes [quite a carb overload, no?]

2 hours later :

Biscuits, leftover baked sweet potatoes and a fruit.

And I’m still the same miserable paltry weight that I was 3 weeks ago.

On another note, True Fitness is having a 60 day challenge. Just 40 or so days into my own personal challenge. Bah. But the best part is that completing the 60 day challenge will get me RM350 worth of spa vouchers [oooh hello massages and facials!] and.. and… and… A YOGITOES SKIDLESS TOWEL! whopee! I’ve got a pink one [came free when I signed myself and mum up] and I must say, they do absorb sweat good and don’t crumple up everytime I move around the mat.



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  1. your studio gives incentives to finish a 60 day challenge?! the only reward should be the way you feel when it’s over! that being said, that is pretty cool. i wish i had a yogitoes for every 60 days in a row i’ve done!

    i think you and i have to eat like michael phelps in order to gain weight. i dunno, but i’m a stick too and it’s kinda frustrating. your meals sound great though!

    • You’re right as always 🙂 I don’t really care about the prizes [ok, who am I kidding, A YOGITOES TOWEL! *squeal*], but I’m excited to see the mental and physical progress I’ve made after … God knows how many days

      Was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday, though I’d be sentenced to death should I try a bong-gate :p With oodles of protein in my body, practice today felt stronger and I wasn’t struggling and finding bits of energy by the time I hit the spine strengthening series.

  2. WAH,if only my gym does that!

  3. wanna fight? roflmao.. i think i eat more than you!

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