Asian Poses

After a night of drinking, debauchery and insane eating [I was force fed mutton, lamb and baked potatoes the whole night], I managed to wake up at 730am in time for the 9am class. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, so I checked twitter.

Lo and behold, @secretmuffin and @ilovesweat challenged me to an “Asian poses” face off. To be honest, I’m what my family calls a “banana”. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside [err, does my Russian ancestry count toward this?], I’m more comfortable speaking Spanish [yes, Spanish] over my native Mandarin. That and I sound like a white chick horribly mangling every. single. word. Side story : I once tried to impress my grandmother by speaking my mother’s Hakka dialect, and told granny that “Ngai kem pet liao” [I’ve closed (the door) already], to which my aunt screeched “Pet pet pet makai, cipet ah pet?!” [Cunt cunt cunt, you just said cunt!]. Apparently I’ve mispronunced / misintonated the word “already” [pet], inadvertantly saying the C word in front of my 80 year old grandma. Ooops. Till this day I’ve not spoken a single word in Hakka, except for the customary “Hello Grandma how are you / What are you doing / Ok bye!”.

OK while I was ranting my teeth off, click here to discover the beauty that is Since @secretmuffin and @ilovesweat have asked me to “throw some moves” down, I present to you, my top 4 attempts at Asian poses. Please note that taking pictures with a camera phone was insanely difficult, plus my boyfriend kept on rolling his eyes going “Are you DONE YET, you camwhore?” and muttering “Can we GO now?” when I made him help me take pictures. I worked really hard, practiced in front of the mirror right before 9am Bikram class, so here goes!

2! v^_^

2! v^_^

6 / Call me ;)

6 / Call me 😉

<3 ^_^v KAwaii-ne!

❤ ^_^v Kawaii-ne!

The deadly combo of puffy cheeks + cat aka bloated squirrel carcass pose

The deadly combo of puffy cheeks + cat aka bloated squirrel carcass pose

Whoah, just realised that my wrists look TINY.

And this concludes my vanity post for today.

Oh wait, the Bikram part of this blog [I have YET to figure out a new blog URL, sigh!] : I was the FIRST person to sign up for the 60-day challenge. Will take a piccie of the board, plus the oh-so-boring red dot stickers they place over the days. Sigh, shall bring my happy My Little Pony stickers instead. 😀


p.s : Am slightly miffed that my full name is on the board. !!!

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahah
    so cuuuuuuuuuuuuteee!!!

  2. So crazy……my mom’s side of the family is also Hakka. But we all speak cantonese. I don’t even attempt to speak hakka with my grandmother tho i understand most of what they are saying.

    I scored two pairs of eyeglasses for round two. Happy asianposing!

    • I understand them, but after that cipet incident I prefer to speak Hakka to gee, my cat? 😀

      What! Blasphemy! I need to look for those geeky glasses soon! Sad to say, it’s really difficult trying to act / pose all cute like that Korean chick. I guess cuteness isn’t in my genes 😦

      Oh and I didn’t get to try your tip of smoking the critters out with ammonia. Said critters mysteriously disappeared… and I hope they didn’t die in the rafters.

      • The two plastic cute eyeglass pairs kind of fell into my lap. I need to find a patient person to take photos with me at the end of this week. And don’t mind the koreans, they are models and not not real people. Hahaha, or at least thats what I have to tell myself to cope with all cute overload.

        Regarding your critter problem, might still be good to check since its hot and you have lots of mosquitos? Don’t want a rotting mouse/rat body harboring diseases to pass it along. I don’t want to freak you out……but once its clear, you still want to patch their point of entry. Thinking about your problem makes me wince.

      • I tell myself : The Korean models are either overly photoshopped or made in pixel heaven maidens.

        eeeeeek! So far, all seems to be clear … and I have no idea how the heck they got into the roof, but I’ll pay someone money to find out! >.< Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  3. mei! you super rocked it and look totally cute in *all* your pics! look at your tiny, ineffectual fists! awesome!



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