Are You?

You know you’re a Bikram yogi/ni when …

– The zits on your face don’t bother you as much as zits on your back / chest. Why? Cause you can’t savasana properly without going “Eek, ow, ooh ahh!”. That and you can’t wait for class to be over to pop that damn pimple.

– You consider pioneering a new form of haircut that not only looks cute, funky, stylish, edgy out of class [and totally complements your looks], but also won’t flop around your head / face when you’re practicing.

– You’re totally convinced that longer hair helps with backbends [more weight to aid gravity in dropping your head backwards…]

– You wish that your towels can self wash and dry in under 4 hours.

– You are secretly nodding in agreement after reading the previous point.



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  1. If I could add a few to your list…..

    -You are always doing laundry
    -Seeing older men in speedos is normal, daily activity
    -People sweating on you (and not someone you are having sex with) is ok
    -when your friends complain about something, anything….you think and will sometimes say “you should do bikram yoga with me”

    • Totally agree!

      Feel free to add away!

      Story : Major faux pas when I met another bender before class outside the gym
      M* : Hey you! Great to see you with clothes on.
      Him : …
      M* : Oh. My. God. OkgottagoseeyouinclassBYE!

    • Yes! I love all of secretmuffin’s additions!!!

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