Dare You?

I’ve blogged recently about how my home studio is offering goodies to those who complete a 30-day challenge (free bag+spa vouchers) or 60-day challenge (Yogitoes Skidless Towel+spa vouchers). Now I know it’s not about the prize(s), but about the marvellous changes your body undergoes during said challenge.

Needless to say, myself, the instructors and a few members were cajoling and encouraging other benders to try it out. Afterall, the more the merrier, they say. Now while I understand the usual reasons of work [16 hours of staring at a screen, 0_0], family, the following reasons somehow have me questioning my sanity [am I a Bikram zealot?] or the magnificent excuse-making machine that are Malaysians.

So here are my PERSONAL takes on WHY these reasons are, in my opinion, silly little excuses that people create in order not to take up the challenge. Please note while I understand some people are working [I shall assume the usual 9-5 hours], are housewives [gotta cart the kids to school, and blah and blah] or have families to take care of [geriatric parents, 5 screaming kids below the age of 10…]

I can’t do the 30/60-day challenge because…

1. I gotta take 3 days off a month for “that” time of the month

Ans : If you’re not looking to start a family – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re not a mother this month! If you’re looking to start a family – I’m sorry, try again. I’m sure you’re having fun during the process 😉

Jokes aside, this, in my opinion, is one of the silliest reasons ever. Why do you not want to go? Cramps? Today I had the Cramps of Death. Guys, imagine a door slamming shut against your testicles every 4 minutes. It seriously felt like contractions [childbirth without epidural, I am ready for you], and by 12pm I was breaking out in cold sweat. If I could bust my cramping uterus for 90 minutes [615 class yo!], I’m sure even a light flow wouldn’t do you harm. Afraid of staining the towels? Get a dark coloured towel! Afraid of leaking all over the place? Wear the right absorbency tampon / pad ! Cramps? Seriously, you’ll forget them after the first set of Pranayama!

Please note that even 1-2 even 3 weeks before THAT time of the month, your body will undergo changes as it prepares itself should your egg be fertilised. As such, please hydrate yourself with electrolytes, and during this wonderful week that precedes this monumental event, your flexibility / strength will go out the window and your body will most likely be telling you : FUCK YOU. I am NOT doing a backbend, nyehnyehnyeh! But pull through, do what YOU can, and be assured that in a few days, all will be back to normal.

Side story :

1 : I don’t want to practice Yoga on “flow” days, what with all the separate leg stretching and all that.

M* : OH PLEASE. It’s not like you haven’t spread your legs before.

2. It’s not good to do Bikram everyday

Ans : Is it good to walk everyday?

Personally, I think it’s A-OK. Unlike weight-lifting / other exercises that have to tear your muscles apart to build it, Bikram yoga comprises of stretching and compressions. Think about it : Would you rather crush a metal bar and reassemble it bit by bit, or heat it up slowly to shape it into a knife?

3. I will feel tired-lah, cannot.

Ans : Yes, you may feel fatigued/tired after the first 20 days. Yes, you may feel like every muscle/ligament/bone/tendon in your body [except your face, cause there are no postures that involve the face!] was ground up and hastily glued back by a 3 year old kid. And yes, some days you will think : What in Muffin’s name am I doing?

If you find that you are feeling tired even after class, stay longer in savasana – your body needs to recuperate and reap the benefits of your hard work!

4. Body ache-lah, cannot!

Ans : Yes, your body WILL ache. Mine does, even after 40 odd days. Think of it as your body changing and accommodating to new-found strength and flexibility. Oh and that ankle pain I blogged about? Just realised that it was a case of my bones in the foot realigning 🙂 My foot no longer rolls inside to the right! You have no idea how insanely happy I am as for YEARS [I’m talking about 6 years or more] I was always convinced that I will forever walk funny and leave square little footprints on the beach. [Remember Roald Dahl’s The Witches?]

5. The heat will dry out my skin / hair!

Ans : ….

Moisturise your skin with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. Not only will you smell yummy, but it also helps to lock in moisture. As for the hair bit, I have 3 magic words for you : Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue.

Yes, seriously.

So you see, I don’t understand the fuss that *some* Malaysians kick up with the challenge. But for now, I choose not to surround myself with such pessimistic thinkers as I trudge on to Day 4 (official, unofficial – 46]. On the Maths side of things : I paid RM1890 for 365 + 90* days of Bikram Yoga. HELL yeah it’s so worth it if I come EVERY DAY and get a Yogitoes towel in the process! I paid for the heat and qualified torture maestros to beat me into shape, after all!


p.s : Malaysia has the CHEAPEST Bikram Yoga membership according to the studio director.

* I signed up for a package special – Pay RM1890 and get 3 months free. Fuck yeah, it’s a good deal!


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  1. Rm 1890 is 4 months of my car loan. 😦

  2. Um, I just saw this post, and it is AMAZING. Love it. Excuses are just that—excuses. And you’ve called out each one perfectly. 🙂

    Also, I’m so totally jealous your studio gives out PRIZES for completing a yoga challenge! No fair! A free yogitoe is kind of a steal…

    • That’s just it- excuses! But the women were oh-so pessimistic it really disappointed me at how creative some people can get when trying to squirm their way out of something. As an instructor said “In 15 years, you wouldn’t even remember why you missed a yoga class for one day. So come every day!”

      We’re very lucky to be backed by a multimillion gym franchise that can afford to give us kickass prizes. I know it’s shallow of me to continually push myself to go to class every day just for a towel …

      • but the towel isn’t the real reason you’re going, it’s just something cool to get at the end (totally worth it too, those things are spendy)! i’m kinda jealous too, honestly.

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