A Rude Awakening

I shall be known as Gasseous Maximus, daughter of Fartus Alotus, as I felt real gassy and farty during class.

But of course, I adhered to proper societal decorum and did NOT let one rip in class. Not loudly, at least. Heh heh heh. 😀

Started off the day feeling dehydrated. By dehydrated I mean : Even after 4litres of water, my pee is still yellow. DISGUSTING!

Even after skulling another litre of water, my pee stubbornly remained yellow. Fascinating. Actually, not so.

Finally, I had 2 glasses of super electrolytes, had a 1 hour nap before being rudely awakened by two old farts [heh, no pun intended].

During class, the lack of water started playing out as I struggled to find strength, and drifted off to sleep during savasana – dreaming of ponies and unicorns waltzing around the room like I took 4 hits of LSD* – before the familiar “Flex your toes, arms over your head, breathe, suck your stomach in and SIT UP!”.

Lesson : ALWAYS hydrate thyself. Or you’ll find cartoon characters invading your practice.


* Never tried LSD. Apparently it makes you see colourful pretty things, and ponies and unicorns were the 2 pretty colourful things I could think of! 😀


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    • This isn’t TMI. TMI is me telling you that when I removed my jumbo-sized tampon on Monday, a huge blob of blood and dead tissue the size of Singapore gushed out from my cervix, stuck to my thigh and plopped to the floor before I could wipe it up.


  1. heck ya, FTW!
    so, i really need to post about the studio where i practice. everyday, the instructors invite us to remove wind, they say, from any orifice. and today, our instructor did first set of wind removing with us (he’s going to the advanced seminar this weekend) and he farted. he said, that was my small contribution, and then everyone just let it rip. 7 people noisily passing gas! funny.

    • That’s awesome! We usually get burpers… unless someone passes gas very very very silently. But you know what they say about silent farts – silent but violent.

  2. if i’m not constantly pounding water throughout the day, i pay the price in class, definitely.

    the feeling after ustrasana is another kind of druggy feeling. at least from what i’ve read, i’ve never done any drugs, but after that i feel all “whhooooooooo”

  3. you guys are bikram noobs!

  4. i had a similar experience ONCE (i say once because after that one time, i never dared go to class without proper hydration) – it was the worst class i ever had and i felt like fainting a few times. my mind was all over the place and i kept falling out of my poses. horrible horrible feeling…

    and OMG about the blood gushing out!! MEIIIII… LOL i can’t believe you said that, you’re crazy! 😀

    • A Bikram Yoga class is summed up in 3 words : Hy. Dra. and Tion. Don’t forget the self loathing that you feel DURING class, that “You git you didn’t hydrate enough!” nagging thought.

      And the blood gushing out, true story, happened on Monday after class. LOL yes I can be a little TMI at times..

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