I feel like having a slurpee right now. Or a bowl of shaved ice with sweet corn, syrup and other sweet goodies [known here as ais kacang]. Anything cold, cool and sweet to calm the raging dryness that resides in my throat. Alas, I am one of the laziest people to inhabit planet earth, so a can of green tea + aloe bits shall suffice. For some reason I am insanely dehydrated. Even after 4Litres of water [around 135 oz], my pee is still yellow and I get that tingly feeling when I hit the floor series. And yes, I am electrolyting before and during class!

And I now leave you with this awesomely inspiring TV commercial. This is precisely why I LOVE TVCs from Thailand – funny, witty, totally unexpected and it doesn’t help that the talents are pretty cute.




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  1. mm.. touching ad.. i think my hormones are making me cry.. wth =.=””

    but mmm…. honestly.. wouldn’t be able to connect it to a hair advert! lol.

    • Watch a little closer, you’ll see that the protagonist ALWAYS has her hair down, and it’s ALWAYS oh so shiny and smooth, whereas the antagonist has her hair tied up.

      Don’t forget the shiny shiny hair + wind blowing effects at the end of the ad 😛

  2. hahaha. i noticed that.. but still.. wth??? hahhahaha

  3. Hey Mei,
    I feel weird commenting about your pee, but what the hell – I will anyways. I’m not sure if you take a lot of vitamins, but that can effect your pee, too. I used to take a B vitamin supplement and it made my pee sort of greenish flourescent colored. It was super freaky at first but then I googled it. Do you feel like you’re actually dehydrated or are you just going by the color?

    • Comment away – the more opinions the merrier! 🙂

      Hmm, I’m currently not on any supplements at the moment, but I do know of the “Vit B Yellow Pee” plague that you speak about. I call it “Super Flouro Yellow Pee”.

      I actually feel the symptoms of dehydration coming on, eg lightheadedness and inability to concentrate before class, plus the fact that my pee is straw yellow [not the usual clear after 4L of water] set some alarm bells ringing. Any idea what could this be? I actually put it down to *that* time of the month, but it seems to me very silly to blame the uterus for dehydration!

  4. i have to comment on the shaved ice with sweet corn. it sounds kind of gross, but i had in while in shanghai and i looved it. some shaved ice has golden raisins in it too and surprisingly, i enjoyed that as well!

    • There are 2 versions we get here : Version 1 is with rose syrup, sweet corn and other delicious bits and bobs and may be topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Version 2 is with coconut sugar, coconut milk and other bits and bobs and is creamier than version 1. Oh yums! I feel like having one right now…

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