Annual Pimple Convention

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls above the age of puberty. I am sure that if you are above the age of 12, you would have experienced the occasional bothersome and maybe painful, ZIT. Commonly known as pimple or if you’re like me, you’ll name each and every spot. Unfortunately for me, I have too many so I’ve lost count.

Yes, I’m the weirdo who names her pimples. Doesn’t it make it a little more bearable when you go “LE HAH! Die Murphy DIE! I will SQUEEZE you and you will DIE DIE DIE and NOT scar my lovely face!*” ? Well, it works for me.

For some reason, the pimples have decided that the very prestigious Annual Pimple Convention is to be held on my body, namely my torso and my face. Should your pimple wish to participate, please email me to reserve a spot [pun unintended].

So far, the attendees are :

– Pimplera the 2nd, residing on my torso and looks like my 3rd nipple.

– Julian, residing on my hairline and is the cause of me going “ARRGHH OW!” during sasangasana.

– Sam, residing next to Julian.

– Jacintha, residing next to Pimplera.

and countless other esteemed dignitaries.

I think the zits are converging on my body as I’ve been stuffing junk into my body the past few days. Practice wise, no discrenable differences, apart from when they say “I hit the wall during practice”, I literally hit the wall [okay FINE, mirror!] today.

Saturday night TV beckons.



Posted on June 27, 2009, in Bikram Yoga, Malaysiana, Yuck. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Um, I used to name pimples as well. Although, I tended toward the geographical—“Oh hello, Mt. Vesuvius! Aren’t you a beauty, Mr. Jupiter! And the Andes, aren’t they just lovely?!”

    Ugh. If you can’t find the humor in life, you’re screwed, right?

  2. i hear you man!
    Sirius Blackhead,
    Optimus White
    and Paul
    would like to join the party too

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