Shoo and BEGONE!

Ugh, I think I may be coming down with something. Something that starts with a C and rhymes with OLD. And no, it’s not H1N1 so stop looking at me like I’m covered in  festering, bubbling boils. Ok FINE, I *am* covered in pimples, but still!

Was down and out for the count during class yesterday. Toppled out of padangustasana while coming out and fell over during trikanasana. By spine strengthening series I was giving it my all, but plopped down to savasana one set of everything. Fell asleep during ustrasana and it would’ve been a nice long nap had Erik not come down from the podium to tap me on the shoulder.

Today : The inner brat in me threw a MEGA tantrum before class. “No, don’t WAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNAAA GO! DON’T WANNA! DONCH WAAAAAAAAAN! [insert ear-piercing scream and appropriate hand flailing]”.

M* : Must. Go. It’s only 1.5 hours, and officially Day 11!

Brat Mei : Don’t. Wanna!!!! I’m sick, *sniff sniff sob sob.

M* : Go. Or ELSE.

Brat Mei : Or ELSE what?! You’re one half of me too!

M* : … Who wants some ice cream after class?


M* : If you want ice cream, you’re gonna have to go to class.

Brat Mei : ohkay FAINE.

*drags sad sorry self up to change.

I know, I know. I’m a little crazy to have a dialogue with myself, but hey, I was the only child for 7 years before my brother came along, so I’ve gotten used to talking to myself.

And I did not regret one bit going to class after twisting, bending and compressing the fever out of me.

On a side note, I am in the midst of procuring funds to get to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. So if ANYONE out there has ANY freelancing writing jobs [the more the better!], hit me up at meimei2606 [at] gmail dot com.

Thinking positive, thinking positive, thinking positive, thinking positive! >.<



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  1. so happy you went to class sick. did you really have a fever? I went last sunday with a lo-grade fever and thought about you writing something about people coughing in class! i felt bad and didn’t tell anyone…. i just couldn’t skip.
    june was a rough month of stops and starts!
    july, now july promises to treat me right!

    • After class, I was very happy I went indeed! Didn’t want to pump myself full of paracetemol [ick ick ick] and suffer a really crappy practice the next day. And I figured, hey, if I sit out any postures, it’s perfectly OK to have my ego crushed once in a while 🙂

      Go July! Never a time like today 🙂 Have you applied for BYTT yet? I’m thinking I may be a bit of an eager beaver asking these sorta stalkerish questions, and wondering about food and stuff.

  2. i was the only child for 8 years and talk to myself a lot as well!

    i think being in the hot room can be good for you when you’re sick! just don’t sneeze or cough on anyone and have plenty of tissue for any potential nasal/hacking issues.

    • Hi 5!

      I reckon itt helps when the bug is in its early stages, but if it’s a full-blown can’t move or I’ll die type cold, best to stay at home.

  3. you talk to yourself?
    dont you talk to the person in your room?
    you know, the little girl with the white dress and plaits?

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