I Do!

Eat, that is.

You know it’s time to take out the butter, bring on the whipped cream [proper cream whipped to death with sugar, not the type from the can] and rip open that packet of chips [Lays FTW!] when even the studio director tells you in a grave tone : You should eat.

Oh, but I do. I really do! On Thursday and Friday I had lunch and dinner respectively at a Japanese buffet. Yes, a buffet 2 days in a row. Naturally I went barbaric and had myself oodles of salmon sashimi [I would’ve quietly tucked some back for Bella till The Boyfriend pointed at a sign that said : Dine-in only. Any food brought out of the premises will be charged at RM30 / 100g], more and more sushi, some other delectable deep-fried stuff and lest we forget – 3 scoops of Haegen Dasz ice cream. And chocolate breadsticks. And 5 Thai coconuts.

Maybe it’s the new haircut that makes my face look slimmer. Or maybe I’m toning up right now, which makes my flab look firmer [and thus the illusion that I’ve lost 10kg overnight]. It could also be all that water retention finally getting out of my system. But whatever the reasons are, it has me a little freaked that even the studio director would tell me frankly before class “Mei, you need to eat”. It also doesn’t help that I’m small-boned and short, so any weight lost [or gained] looks very drastic.

With my short short hair, small frame, flat chest and flat ass [fuck you very much genetics], I look like a boy. I am now considering going for a boob job to up my bust, but a pity nothing can be done about my flat-as-a-washboard ass.

And to think only a few months ago I was a 32C.


Posted on July 1, 2009, in Malaysiana, Yuck. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. hmmm
    try growing your hair to waist length. It would add body to your…er…body.

  2. if you dont have an ass, learn to wear clothes that flatter your body. Not have an ass, then wear clothes that DONT flatter. I dont get some people.

    Sometimes less is more.

    • I had realllly long hair last time, and it was such a drag washing it, drying it, bonding, rebonding, blah blah blah.

      And for the record, I’ve always not had an ass. So yes, I think I *do* know how to dress according to ass size [unless you’ve been checking out my ass from Auckland to KL].

  3. you can really eat. gal..

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