I present to you, the most awesome trailer EVER. Ok fine, I need to say that it may disturb some people [there’s violence, heaps of it] and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Other than that, I laughed like a maniac while watching this.

I think I may need to get a new set of friends after this. [insert evil laughter here]

Oh and today’s class? Died. Totally died. Dehydrated and by spine strengthening, all I could do was lie down on the mat and try to feel my arms and legs feel alive even though it felt like my legs, arms, face and neck were soldered to the floor.

And now, I’ve got a craving for fried chicken and a nice mug of deliciously rich and sinful dark hot chocolate.


p.s : Again, since I am the laziest person on the planet [not to mention saving up for BYTT means not indulging anymore], I’ll make do with an omelet. 😀


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  1. mmmmmm, fried chicken is one of my favorite foods! do you ever crave it in class? i do. totally. chicken in general. and sorry, but the omelet doesn’t cut it! i know because i’ve been having one almost every day! they are super good though, esp. with mushrooms and ham!! mmmmmmmm.

    i think as you stretch out your body, you work things out of your body and you wear yourself out and hit walls. i was the same way in class today and yesterday. but i’ve also been discovering a new part of my shoulder. is that why i’ve been so tired? hope so!

  2. Hmm, I’m partial to fried chicken, but this time it was the “MUST HAVE OR I WILL KILL” type of craving, weird! Hi 5, love love love chicken, just had 1/4 of a steamed chicken today, yum, together with an omelet with onions and zucchini. Can we say “Mother and Child reunion?” [ok that was morbid]

    You’re right, especially so if you overworked during standing series. Or it could be that you’re coming down with something, that’s why you need rest and sleep. OK, gotta trot off to class. Eek

  3. cool.. thats the next movie from the creators of Machine Girl and Meatball Machine 🙂

    I’ve watched both, and they were super B-grade hilarious stuff 🙂 awesome

    • I want I want!

      Watched the trailer for Tokyo Gore Police, doesn’t look as exciting as RoboGeisha. Thanks to RoboGeisha [cue weird VO guy and cheesy theme song], whenever I feel sad or depressed, I just have to watch this trailer.

      GEISHA TRANSFORM beats Transformers 2 😛

  4. I loved the trailer!!
    ..and I really enjoy your blog. I spent about an hour on it yesterday when I discovered you. Ive added you to my favorites. I think we might be kindred spirits!
    Dana from San Diego

    • Hi Dana 🙂

      Many thanks for the kind words. Do you have a blog to share so that I may link it up? It’s interesting to read about other people’s practices from all over the world!


      • No I do not have a blog. Between taking care of my family, job, ocean swimming and yoga, there isnt much time left to blog..maybe someday.

      • Think of it as a journal of sorts 🙂

        Don’t forget to check out the other superawesome Bikram Yoga blogs on the right!

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