Quote of the Century

“So, how does it feel like to share your birthday with the King of Pop and some woman named Farrah?” asked my brother.

– It feels rather good, actually. This means no one has any excuse not to forget my birthday next year.

Well, okay, fine, granted, the actual day is a day AFTER the deaths of two of the world’s most recognisable American icons [well, in my opinion anyway], but bear in mind that the news broke when it was on the actual dayof my birthday  on my side of the world. Oh and the travesty of children today not knowing the ORIGINAL Charlie’s Angel! No, the angels were NOT Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz! If I sound old, it really means that I *am* old!

Stayed up till 4am watching MJ’s memorial on the E! News, and I’m now paying the price for it now [sleepy, tired, oh how am I going to survive killer Jakob’s class?!]. And it was indeed a heart wrenching moment when MJ’s daughter took to the mic to say that her dad was “The best daddy in the world” 😦 I particularly liked Rev Al Sharpton’s roving speech, defending MJ and telling his [MJ’s] kids that “There was nothing strange about your daddy”. Bella too stayed up to watch the memorial service with us. Either that or she was happy that the Hoomins were up at the unGodly hour of 3am to fill up her bowl with FRESH crunchy kibble and lavish her with obscene amounts of pats and massages.

Oh, on the Bikram side of things – I just did my very first BACK TO BACK class. This means that I took the 615pm class and the 8pm class, so technically I have a 15 minute break in between. 15 minutes to Savasana, pee, drink water and grab a fresh towel [I don’t want to scare my mat buddies with a squishing sound by the beginning of Pranayama!].

So after the first class, I took a shorter Savasana than usual [2-3 minutes instead of the 15 minutes, lest I fall asleep on the mat and cause the cleaners great pains in moving me out to clean the room]. Scooted out of the room to hurriedly stuff my gob with 2 mangosteens and 2 rambutans. Girl needs her sugar, plus during the first set of sasangasana, I was STARVING. Don’t know why, but this posture seems to trigger my appetite. Om nom nom. Mel and I rushed to the toilets to squeeze out any remnants of urine that might be sitting in our tiny little peebag [and trust me when I say that padahastasana is also known as the “Oh shit should’ve gone to pee” posture].

As we were ambling towards the room “Oh, we still have 2 more minutes” [or so we thought], Erik met us at the doorway going “HOI, where were you guys?! If this was training you’d….” . Before he could finish his sentence we squealed, filled our water bottles up and rushed in to the room. Another bender wanted to lay out the red carpet for our royal arrival 😛

Verdict : It certainly WAS different from the first class. Different in a sense that by the second class I had no strength left to hold garurasana or head-to-knee, and by the first breath of Pranayama breathing the first thought that came in my head [bad bad yogini!] was : What the FUCK am I doing here? Hey lady, haven’t you done this before, like nearly 2 hours ago?!

No doubt that I was more flexible in the second class – I will have to work on building strength, stamina and endurance in order to sustain myself during fall BYTT.

Would I do it again? Yes, of course! Plus the studio director is encouraging us [Mel and I] to do so.

In the meantime, to make up for my lack of blogging [I’ve been so tired, plus my cat is insanely jealous when I start tapping away on the keyboard that she sits on my lap and demands a Shiatsu massage], please watch a video of one of my favourite Malay sketches back in the day. JANGAN KETAWA! I remember going to a function where the taller cross-dresser was hosting a function, and he declared that “The perfect body measurement is 32, 24, 6 and a half and 34”. 😉



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  1. Hey, happy birthday Miss Mei and happy first b2b. Two reasons to celebrate!

    Gonna share my b2b process/experience….first, I’ve never done a double with a long break in between. Why? Don’t want to do the bike ride twice. Ride to the studio has an uphill that my bike does not like and I am lazy! Anyways, I never eat in between classes, just water or coconut water. I wonder if having food in your belly weakened you? Usually in half moon, I start to freak out and question “WTF am I doing?” Once I hit eagle, its usually smooth sailing. But that is how I feel with almost every class. The last b2b I did, the next day and ever since, my spine strengthening and floor series in general has been super strong and lots of progress. Not sure if I would’ve still gotten there even if I didn’t do the b2b, but that’s where I am at now.

    I’ve been averaging a b2b once a month since I started 7 months ago, but I am thinking of increasing it to 2-4x a month. The progress from the last b2b was amazing and curious to see what other breakthroughs I might experience? Also, I pretty much go every day, but I have been known to skip a day here and there because of conflicting schedules (life you know?). I am gearing up to do a b2b this saturday, and its a big mental game leading up to the day.

    Now that you’ve done a 2b2, here is something else to strive for:


    Three of her students did 8 classes in a row!

    • Thank you for the wishes! My soul feels a little older, but my body feels younger.

      And WOW – 8 classes b2b. Unfortunately my studio offers 3-4 classes a day,so unless I lock myself in the studio for 3 days, I can’t trump their record. But it really IS an inspiration, wonder how their diet was before the 8 in a row!

      Interesting thought of whether the fruits may’ve weakened me, since all the energy would’ve gone to my digestion to process the food. But I reckon if I didn’t eat, I would’ve gotten hanger – hungry anger – and that’s not something nice to practice with. Meanwhile, will try your suggestion of coconut water post class – though it’d be disgustingly warm and not icy cold as I would have to leave it outside the room!

      Such rockstar practice – let’s be mat buddies halfway across the globe and go for b2b TWICE a week 🙂 And a day or 2 off is fine with a solid practice like yours, though an instructor was telling us last week “Don’t take more than 2 days off cause your muscles start to atrophy [sp?]”. Hah before yesterday’s b2b I was going all Rocky in my head, doing mental shadow boxing with myself [I think it’s time to stop that hyper imagination of mine..]

      • Twice a week? Ooof, I’ll consider it. I can commit to once a week. I’d even consider a triple or a quad (in one day, not necessarily in a row, which is still INSANE). We’ll see, maybe since I know Saturday is my next b2b, I’ll try to plan another one for next week, maybe tuesday or thursday? Starting to freak out. Uggg, this is the mental game I am talking about.

        Regarding food and endurance….I think because I have plenty of extra body fat to burn, I can go pretty long doing a physical activity without food. When I used to bike every weekend 50-100 miles at a time, I’d eat nothing and not get hanger during my bike rides. I think if I were to attempt a quad (b2b in the morning and then another b2b at night), I’d probably go all day without eating much except fruit and/or veggie juices in between. And the day before such a challenge, I’d try to eat alot of fat calories in the form of oils, nuts/seeds and avocados. Meat would probably just sit in your belly like a brick. Also, I don’t buy that your muscles will forget after two days. I lift weights sporadically, like once a month, and I don’t go down in weights. And I lift very heavy. Anyways, so that’s my story.

  2. At least at training we get about 7 hours between bikram classes. Can’t imagine only having 5 minutes. Eek!

    • 7 hours to eat,poop,shower,study dialogue,posture clinic and prep for the second class. AAAAAHH!

      Oh and it technically was a 15 minute break,minus savasana maybe 10 minutes to run to the locker room upstairs to grab a shower and pee and stuff my face with fruit. Though practicing in an already wet costume was kinda weird!

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