Silly Grin

I forgot to add, after yesterday’s back to back, I drove home with the silliest of grins on my face. Oh whoppee, did I feel like I was walking [or driving] on cloud 9.

We got Jakob in class today. He’s a Californian guy who’s joining us for a year and boy oh boy do we get our weekly dose of American humour / pop culture.

– “You! Gumby! Do you know who Mr.Gumby is? Well go look him up tonight”

– “It’s okay, I’m just the crazy American yogi who laughs at his own jokes”

– [while we are lying down in savasana before pavanamuktasana] “And that concludes our warm up…”

– [while in spine twisting] “And after this, we are going to do 20 jumping jacks and 50 push ups” 😯

It was freaking hilarious when today during padahastasana, during the usual dialogue of “Push your knee back, LOCK YOUR KNEE, you have no knee …” he suddenly burst out in Malay [albeit heavily accented] : KUNCIKAN LUTUT AWAK. [literally, lock (as in key and lock LOCK) your knee!]

It was a good thing I was in padahastasana with my face smushed against my shins, because I was giggling throughout the posture. It wasn’t that I was mocking his accent, but rather, it was so HEART WARMING and DELIGHTFUL and KEEEWWWWT [cute being dragggeeed] that he attempted to speak our national language!

Mel and I caught each other’s eye in the mirror and a giggle escaped from me. “Yeah, I know a little Malay” and we just smiled. It was oh so cute! He did it again during head-to-knee, lost my concentration and fell out. Sigh, I should really work on this.

Ok, off to bed.



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  1. ..and that my dear is why I ended up marrying a California guy! Lucky you, lucky me.

    • All the American yogis who came to my studio were all from California. I was beginning to suspect that Bikram Yoga only existed in California…

      Though I must add, there’s a teacher from San Fran and he’s CRAZY INTENSE about Bikram Yoga, and not jovial and happy go lucky during class [or before].

  2. That sounds VERY fun! And as hilarious as it sounds, he’s not even kidding about “that concludes our warming up exercise”… Bikram says that, too… 🙂 You guys should teach him how to say “lock your knee” properly in Malay!!

    • Oh, we all know that the REAL yoga begins during the floor series, but it makes it especially hilarious when he says that to first timers. *cue heads turning to the clock or the door* or a very shocked “WHAT” piercing the silence.

  3. it can be distracting having a cute teacher, can’t it?

    we had a beautiful teacher who was short in height and during class she told us that bikram said, in reference to her height, “good things come in small packages.”

    i so wanted to ask “can i be a good thing?” but no talking in class! 😉

    • Oh he’s funny and jovial, don’t think he’s my type though!

      We haven’t yet had a teacher *I* deem cute. Though there was a teacher with a 6pac who taught at the studio in KL.

  4. you’re supposed to be clear of any thought in class, no looking here and there, just to a single point in the mirror!!

    • Oh if you were there you would’ve grinned too.

      Plenty much talk for someone who’s never been back to the hot room. 😉

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