Hmm, the past few days I’ve been feeling HUNGRY during class. Come utkatasana – *growl. Ustrasana would be the equivalent of a hole in my stomach. Sasangasana and my stomach tells me “Hey lady, get the hell outta here. Let’s have a sandwich, you and I”.

Yes, my stomach talks to me. I talk to my stomach. I love my stomach. I’d better, before I get gastric.

I suspect I am sorely lacking in a particular type of mineral / nutrient in my diet, as the past 2 days I felt numb / tingly during class [a sure sign of dehydration]. Can’t be a water issue, as I drink around 4-5Litres a day. Yes, if I drink that amount on a regular basis, what will become of me when I go to LA in October? 10 litres?! Ridiculous!

On a geek note : BIOSHOCK 2 IS COMING OUT! YEAH!

Need I mention that I had the fright of my life playing Bioshock?



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  1. one thing i have noticed about all of our new teachers, they use larger water bottles than they did before they left for training. they all lost at least 10 pounds each too!

    i think i had a blog post once about getting really hungry during sasangasana too! i know there’ve been times where i have definitely been thinking about food instead of meditating on my body.

    • Oh my. I can’t lose 10lbs on me. I need to gain weight, not lose it! And the water issue – I think I’ll be called out for bringing 2 huge bottles into the room. My oh my.

      Thinking about food *can* be considered meditation for the body. You’re er, figuring out how to nourish it from inside out… 😛

      • i don’t think it has anything to do with the time of month because i frequently get chicken cravings during class too! god, i wish i had some good fried chicken right now! i make the best mashed potatoes too, but i digress.

        the body knows what it needs and your body is trying to build muscle *and* recover from all the work you put it through at the same time! why else would i crave a glass of milk during class? i don’t even like milk!

      • Hmm, I love chicken but craving a specific type of chicken [extra spicy KFC – only in Malaysia!] with a specific type of drink just screams “PMS CRAVINGS!” to me – but you’re right – what you crave is what you need! Read somewhere that during vigorous exercise [Bikram Yoga!] a small amount of calcium is leached from the muscles, which would explain our craving for a nice tall glass of cold milk

        And milk is good for a growing boy like yourself 🙂

  2. Are you getting your electrolytes?????

    • Yes indeedy 🙂 I electrolyte 1hr before class almost every day. Think it’s THAT time of the month coming [!@#$!@$@#%#$] that depletes my stores of energy and brings out the weird cravings [whoever heard of a yogini eating KFC twice a week?] and I seem to dehydrate / feel thirsty faster in class. Does that happen to you too, or am I just a weirdo?

      • Good girl. 🙂 That does totally happen. I always feel way hotter than usual when I’m PMS-ing. My face gets all red. It’s kind of hilarious.

      • Hi 5! For a moment I thought my body was just being overly dramatic *flails hands wildly

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