Screw you, PMS!

The only GOOD thing that comes with PMS is that my boobs look HUGE. The downside? Oh let me see, HMMM, lethargy, grey eyebags [I make Edward Cullen look positively lively], water retention [my stomach looks like I’m hoarding 4 munchkins], weird as cravings [a good excuse to have a cheese and banana sandwich] and a body that is stiff as a piece of 40 year old frozen meat.

Couldn’t go as deep into the postures, plus my lumbar spine was KILLING ME by the first backward bend. Did I mention I did a back to back today as well? Oh yeah. Them ovaries are swelling up and causing me back aches! Not to mention that my body chemistry is about as screwed as Lindsay Lohan’s acting career, meaning that I have to electrolyte more than usual and eat more protein [and take a 15 minute nap before class!].

It’s 230am where I am, and I’m figuring out how to sleep. Grr!


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  1. Lol, agreed. 😦

    Am PMS-ing now.

    As for me I get really really bloated and my face gets puffed up.

  2. My boobs get sore about a week and a half before my period… Making floor poses in Bikram awful! Especially locust pose.

    • Ouch, experienced this today during class. Cobra was more like “I want better BRA PADDING” posture, cause the set up was making me see red!

  3. Huge boobs is not EVEN a good side effect, in my book!! That drives me crazy!! They get in my way when I want to lie on my stomach and they don’t let me wear my favorite little Shakti top. I have ONE yoga top that actually shows cleavage, and I made the mistake of wearing it right before my period once… and naturally I was down in LA taking Bikram’s class, and I was just glad that I was down in the front so he only had a side angle of me… otherwise I would have felt like I was sexually harassing him. As much as he likes to act like a skeeve, he IS over 60, and I felt bad!! Hahaha.

    • LOL that’d be a first – flashing the Guru himself! I’m pretty sure he’s had his fair share of er, unintentional wardrobe mishaps! And PMS means I can’t wear V neck exercise tops cause it looks like 2 obscene melons hanging out on my chest [to me at least].

      I used to be a C, till I lost all the fat and got upgraded to an A / B cup. Thus period boobage just makes my boobs look, er, livelier. HAHA!

      • I was laughing at this again… just remembering one of the last classes of advanced seminar, when my friend Abby ran up to Bikram and gave him a plastic bracelet from Hot Topic that said “I love to look at boobies.” Oh man. He read it out loud and was like “hm I don’t know,” then said “I know a joke for this! So you know you get honey from normal bees. So what kind of bees do you get milk from?” I shout out “BOOBIES!!!” at top volume because I am the only one out of 300+ people who can’t keep their mouth shut when they know the punchline. I’m not even making this up. It was good times.

      • LOLOLOL!!

        Oh my, I am going to borrow that joke to tell my friends! May I?

        Good on you, balls of kryptonite! How did Boss react to this? Wonder if Rajashree saw the bracelet… 😛

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