Oh My Achy Breaky Knees

My achy breaky knees, my achy breaky knees [sung to the tune of Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart. I’ve only watched FIFTEEN minutes of Hannah Montana on Disney Channel -I was channel surfing and decided to see what the fuss was about- and I must say : NEVER again. That Hannah Montana character is RUDE! Or am I a prude?]

For the past 2 days, getting into supta vajrasana was a real pain in the ass knees. Never had problems with the posture, could keep my knees together [“never come off the floor”], go down all the way, arms over head and arch chest up like a “perfect human bridge”. Oh but yesterday and the day before, Oh. My. Lord / Lady of. PAIN! In fact, lately, ANY posture with a knee bit [awkward – bouncing included] would just drive me INSANE. About as bat shit crazy as a rabid monkey could be. But as they say, “Pain kills the pain”, so in other words, taking it sloooooooow and eeeaasssy as I ease my withered and battered body gingerly onto the mat. Locking the knee has also become a chore for me as I can’t lock the knee without a thunderous CRACK emanating through the room.Sounds like Zeus is angry! *crack!

Righto, enough ranting about the state of my knees [which is, I think, about as interesting as stale bread to anyone reading this]. Made a trip down to the local grocery store to get ingredients for …. GUINNESS CHOCOLATE CAKE. Oh yes, a recipe that combines my two favouritest things – Guinness Stout and Chocolate. Whee! I know, I know, a lady shouldn’t be drinking Stout, but as they say, Guinness is Good for You! Plus it has loads of malt and iron, something that my body has been craving for lately. The Missus was right, it came out PRETTY damn strong! That and I didn’t want to waste any of smooth velvety goodness so I er, was liberal with the amount of Stout I added. 😀


p.s : No pictures of the cake. It’s half gone!

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  1. you are such a tease ~ you tweet about the cake, you blog about the cake, but we never saw it! i think you might have to make another soon. 🙂

  2. Please remember – YOU CAN FUCK WITH THE GODS, BUT NEVER FUCK WITH THE KNEES!! [end public service announcement]

    I made Guinness cupcakes before… those were definitely winners. Chocolate and Guinness make for awesome baked goods. Did you frost the cake? I used cream cheese frosting for mine, and whipped a few tablespoons of Guinness into it until it was the color of the head of foam that you get on a mug of beer… made them REALLY look like Guinness cupcakes and tasted AWESOME.

    • SO TRUE. A teacher over here injured his knee during the advanced series, and can’t practice for a few months. Scary!

      Thanks for the frosting tip, I’ll incorporate it into my next cake 😀 Didn’t frost mine as I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the rich foamy blackness, so I completely skipped this step! So gluttonous of me, bad bad yogini!

  3. HELLO?!?! Can we have some recipe swap here or something??!! That cake sounds amazing!

  4. yes! pls post the recipe!

  5. Coming right up! 😀

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