A Long Update

Oh, HAI!

Apologies for the lack of updates. Have been meaning to, but lacked the drive. So, how bout I tapdance to make up for the lack of entertainment, ay?

*tippity tappity tip tap



Thursday :

Somehow managed to convince Justine to try out a Bikram Yoga class. It’s gonna be hot, you might feel nauseas or dizzy, I said. This ballsy chick nevertheless stepped in to the hot room, whee! And drank only 500ml of water that day -_-” [I think 10x that amount, holy waterbottle].

By utkatasana she was down for the count, ladies and gentlemen. Felt rather nervous that she’d end up running out of the room, screaming “I HATE YOU MEI, YOU BITCH!”, or something to that extent. But she did VERY VERY WELL and stayed on, even though she said she was retching half of the time. I say, that’s all the nasties getting out of you, you have NO IDEA how much I’d take puking over farting. At least you’ll puke and get it over and done with, unlike gas that sits in your belly and threatens to explode at the most inopportune of moments, say, during class, after class, during breakfast, after breakfast… you get the drift, er, what I mean. Plus some days I wonder “What the heck, am I doing something WRONG? How come everyone feels lousy but I feel fucking A?!”

Friday :

Unlike other 24 year olds my age who are out partying / drinking / hooking up / drugging up [I’m talking Class A substances like Meth, not marijuana], I am a little boring in a way that I’ve had my fill of aforementioned activities by the time I was 19 I’m not telling you what drugs I did, but I can say I’ve tried a little of everything under the party sun, Class A included.

So what’s a bored reformed hardcore party girl to do, but a back to back session of Bikram Yoga! [I just felt like such a nerd saying this! πŸ˜€ ]

After quite a lousy savasana [I had to run upstairs to grab a new towel, pee, gobble my stash of dragon fruit], I made it in time for the 2nd class, much to the teacher’s amazement. Let me tell you something about this teacher – I am DEATHLY scared of him. Not because he’s a hardass person, but because he’s so HARDCORE about Bikram Yoga for someone my age, it intimidates me . Just a little.

EG :

“DO NOT MOVE”. Mei : eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I can’t adjust my bra strap? What if I flash you?! Will you be thinking that all Malaysian boobs are THAT horrific?! [I’ve got rashes all over my chest, remember?]Β  eeeeeeeeeek! *does quick adjust

“STAY STILL”. Mei : I. am. still. solid. one. piece. unbroken. *scratches nose


Thankfully, I got past my fear and intimidation [well, he IS a lot taller than me, plus he’s uber strict about moving around during class] and went on to have a rather rocking back to back with him. And from him, I’ve learnt how to be graceful during postures, and how to fall out with grace. Oh my knees, OH MY KNEES. He made me “LOCK THE KNEE AGAIN MEI” during stretching pose [I honestly thought it was locked. Honest!] and made me LOCK THE KNEE, PUSH THE KNEE DOWN WITH THE FOREHEAD during Janushirasana on my right side. Folks, for some abnormal reason, I still CANNOT lock my right knee in this posture. It just won’t fucking touch the floor and LOCK! So what’s a stubborn girl like myself to do when she’s told to LOCK the knee? I shook my head vigorously [and if I could, I’d stick out my tongue and say NEH NEH NEH!]. But I tried and.. wa lah. I locked. that. fucking. stubborn. knee. I LOCKED IT! Hooray! He complimented me and offered this nugget of wisdom, “See, if you locked your knee instead of wasting your energy shaking your head, you’d have locked it better! NEVER doubt yourself!”.

Lesson for Friday : Lock the fucking knees, and never doubt myself. Gotcha.

p.s : I’m not AS scared of him now!

Saturday :

Yay! Got a kitty food dispenser that was kindly given to Bella and Edward by Kel’s colleague. Now to figure out how to use it. Hmm.

Wore my new shorts for the first time. Many thanks to Despederata for the hookup, and Fooie for transporting it all the way from Singapore to my place! *HUG HUG HUG. I must mention the bag in which it came in. Poor Fooie was walking around Singapore with a bag that said : LOOK GOOD NAKED that contained my shorts of assorted pastel colours. I hope it did help him land a few phone numbers [in which case, you owe me big time :p ]

Another interesting story [as this sorta SHIT only happens to me] : Decided to introduce Edward the kitten to the googies [doggies in Meispeak]. Just so that he’ll get used to seeing them from the windows, and vice versa. So I picked the tiny cat up in my hands, held him up the glass doors and called Leo over. Now Leo’s the slightly more forgiving dog, he’s absolutely in love with Bella. Either that or those times that he was nice to her was just well, “product sampling” *cringe.

Lo and behold, Leo trotted over and sniffed the glass door in great interest. However, Edward didn’t take too kindly to this treatment, hissed and spat like a proper komodo dragon and flew out of my arms. Ran after Edward to offer a few hugs / pats. As I carried him up, I smelt something FUNKY on my PJs. Yes, that kitty crapped on me. Not a proper crap mind you, more like ass fluid got on me. Even so, ass fluid STINKS far worse than actual kitty crap, so I had to change outta my PJs and shower again.


Note to self : Reintroduce kitty to Leo while wearing a biohazard suit.



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  1. LOOK GOOD NAKED is my studio’s tagline!

    ain’t it cool!!

    I walk around Singapore with that bag and don’t get any new phone numbers tho’! Mr Foo needs to thank me too! πŸ˜‰

    • SUPER AWESOME tagline! And what a way to get new friends on the MRT πŸ˜›

      Hmm, maybe the bling on your left hand deterred em? p.s : LOVELY wedding photos!

      • Thanks! =) So long ago omg… time flies!

        I had a great time looking at all your fotos too – pls take LOTS when you go for BYTT! I want to do that too! Shall live vicariously through you!

  2. junbecks@gmail.com


    scared the CRAP outta that kitty.

  3. silly girl, what pose includes adjusting your strap or scratching your nose? πŸ™‚

    • Hmm, the “If my strap falls off my shoulder I hope the teacher doesn’t think I’m trying to flirt him up and OH GOD I hope the twins don’t say hello to him” pose and the “I hate sweat / water travelling up my nose” pose [scratch to remove sweat]. πŸ˜€

  4. I didn’t know BYCH was pro nudism πŸ˜› Maybe I really should drop by to check it out one of these days haha..

    Sorry Meiz, had to hide the bag in my main luggage πŸ˜‰ I doubt that tagline actually lands anyone any numbers haha.. unless I count Despederata’s πŸ˜€

    • Heh heh heh. You should! Er, not that I know whether you do look good naked or not. La di da. [EAT AND STOP FONDLING YOUR PS3]

      Er, ah, er, I guess you could sorta count hers in, thanks to my interference and need for shorts πŸ˜›

  5. never. again.


    i’ve just too much toxic waste. did you know, i could. not. move. on saturday morning??

    • Don’t! Come back, try 1 more class [just make sure the night before you weren’t drinking πŸ˜› ]

      And yes, I get days where I wake up and cannot. move. or. think.

    • Now that you have gotten rid of all that toxic waste, your next class will go better, I promise. Drink plenty of water before class, maybe some electrolytes too. Dont give up.

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