Quick Update : Edward

Hmm. So I have yet to find a home for him. And my mum is pestering me to kick him out. It’s obvious my mum doesn’t like him, cause she lets Bella jump up on the couch and Edward gets a smack if he even dares. But he’s smart and will only jump up when I’m around. Heh heh heh.

Edward is an active [HYPERACTIVE!!!!], playful kitty who loves to talk. Whether you’re about to fall asleep, trying to read a book or watching TV, he’ll slink right up next to you and meow until you acknowledge his awesomeness. *nod nod.

He’s alsoa purr-y kitty. Where Bella doesn’t purr that much, even just LOOKING at Edward will elicit the loudest and friendliest of purrs. Once I let him in my room and he bounded on to the bed right up to my head and began purring. This would’ve been fine and dandy, except that I was half asleep. 😦 Oh and once when I was curled up getting ready to fall asleep [I usually sleep on my side, hugging a pillow or curled up like a cooked prawn], Edward curled up against me and fell asleep, PURRING loudly. Ahh, what a nice warm way to end the day.

Anybody wants Edward? 😀


Posted on July 21, 2009, in Malaysiana. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Me! Me!! I love purry kitties!

  2. Maybe Edward is meant to be yours..your mom will come around eventually if you dont find a home for him. How can she possibly resist he purring anyway!

  3. edward sounds like a darling. but i have my peggy!

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