What do you do with your sweaty towels post Bikram?

I air-dry mine in the study room for a day before getting 4 towels [2 from class, 2 from shower] in the wash. Saves water, time, money, plus now Bella has a great use for my smelly sweaty towels :



Yep. That’s my fat cat sleeping on my crusty Bikram towel atop her carrier.

I wonder what the allure is in regards to my sweaty towel. *sniff sniff


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  1. The cat is already meditating on the towel :))))

  2. Bella’s savasana technique is lacking proper form!
    I have 2 yogitoes towels that I alternate. I dont ever have to worry about having a full load in the problem there with my yoga or swimming every day and 2 avid surfers in the family, there is always a load of towels going in. Then I hang them on the line outside in the shade of my balcony so the rubber dots dont get all weathered and yucky.
    I found a killer deal on the stickymat yoga towels last week at they are only 24.99 in the outlet sale link..they are orange but I kinda like orange. Im waiting anxiously for the 2 I ordered to arrive. Hopefully they are as good as they look..I bought the extra one for my “bestest” yoga buddy.

    • Towel update!! My new towels arrived today! That was fast! The orange is quite beautiful, more like a burnt sienna. they are a little bit thinner than my other ones but not much and the stickys are very cute flower shaped..not that it matters because they will be underneath. This thing is going to dry fast, being microfiber. I forgot that I had also bought another plain micofiber yoga towel in a nice purple color, no stickys but I layed it on my mat and moved around a bit and it didnt slip at all! And that one was under $20 bucks! Way way cheaper than the ones they sell at our studio. Im stoked and Im sure Amiko (my buddy) will be stoked to get hers too. (its a surprise) and I get to give it to her tonight at class. Yay!

      • You’re right about Bella’s savasana. I will correct her the next time she attempts anything like this, naughty kitty!

        Awesome find! What brand is it [the microfiber towel], it’s not yogitoes, is it? My studio’s currently throwing in a yogitoes skidless towel for those who complete a 60day challenge, how awesome possum is that?!

        With the microfiber towels, are they gonna go all yuck and scratchy after 40 washes [as with normal towels]? Cause the normal towels that I have are churning out balls of fluff [yes, cheap quality towels] and my yogitoes is so precious, I use it once a month!

        Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • No they arent the yogitoes brand..the tag says Gaiam. Ill let you know after 40 washes but I think it will be ok because my husband has a bunch of small shop towels made of the same stuff that he uses for all kinds of stuff and he has had them for over a year and they are still good. I used the plain microfiber one tonight and it was great. My friend loved hers too and she wants to get another one.

  3. after class, i bring my mat and yogitoes (or 2 small microbial towels) into the shower with me and rinse them off. then they sit in a bag inside my bike bag while i finish the day at work or whatever until i ride home. gross, but at least they’ve been rinsed. when i get home i soak them in dr. bronner’s soap and water for a few hours before air drying them on a wire rack from ikea. i have 2 of those wire racks up constantly, it seems. the only thing i don’t like about air drying is how rough everything gets. my friend drys her yogitoes and it is so soft! well, she doesn’t use hers as often as i use mine, so that helps, but still.

    one of the last pictures i took of my purr kitty was him rolling around in the sweaty armpits of a shirt i’d just taken off. and the other day trixie was doing the same thing! they love my armpit funk, not sure why.

    • I rinse mine off too, I forgot to add. Just so y’all won’t think that I bring em home to air dry straight [i do sometimes, if I forget my huge plastic bag!]

      I think the salt in our sweat is what makes it all rough and ick, Cause when I rinse it off, it’s all nice and baby soft but if I forget, then it starts to get all ick.

      Interesting point to ponder.

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