About Bloody Time


As it’s the time of the month, it’s cramps galore [and no, somehow Bikram Yoga hasn’t helped much with my cramps, but if it’s cutting it from twice a month to once a month then I am a happy camper] and this time of the month usually strikes fear in my little heart as I’d be constantly checking my towel or legs just in case I er, leak.

You have NO IDEA how scared I am when sweat starts trickling down my thighs onto the towel. Is it blood?! I think and quickly check the mirror. Yes, it’s bad for the concentration, but I don’t think the people around me appreciate a hardcore person practicing with blood dripping down the legs, especially if it’s uh, menstrual blood. The clumpy kind.

And just when I thought it’s safe to wear a pad [since I am cramping, I don’t fancy shoving anything else up my cervix. And by the way, my cramps feel like contractions, so I am ALL PREPARED for natural childbirth, and damn right my husband had better be in the room because I WILL MAKE HIM SUFFER TOO] and a white towel, I leaked on to my towel. Think bright red skid marks as I scooted backwards for janushirasana. ARGH!!!! Thank goodness it was towards the end of class so I hastily used my legs to awkwardly cover the offending stain.

I think I’m better off just tying my tubes off. Heavy bleeding and cramps that actually incapacitate me for half the day are a no go. That and for every time I cramp, God had better be giving a man somewhere extreme testicular pain. *raises tiny ineffectual fist at imaginary male clutching his balls in pain.


p.s : Yeah yeah TMI. Click here to rinse your eyeballs and brain with a Unicorn Chaser.

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  1. I actually asked one of my teacher’s about how Bikram yoga is supposed to help cramps, because man oh man, trying to get through a full 90-minute class this past Saturday while my uterus tied itself into knot upon knot was torturous. Horrible. Awful.

    Her explanation made sense, from a physical standpoint. As did her encouragement to keep coming back, despite the pain. But, I don’t know. Some days–between the belly-aching, the piercing cramps, the potential skid marks (yikes!), and the leakage worry–I can’t help but wonder if it’s worth it!!

    • Ooh, what did she say? Care to share?

      Ugh I go in to class wishing I’d just… DIE. Some days I have this little scenario playing in my head where my uterus breaks out of my body and runs away. Ha ha ha.

      I’m still not giving up hope just yet! Hoping it’s just a… *thing* that happens. Ugh.

  2. Ya know, bikram says if it really kills, you can just take a couple days off. It’s in his book! He says for some people, the yoga helps (and some women even do doubles when they have their period for that reason) and for some other people, it doesn’t help at all, so they can just take a couple days off and come back when it’s better.

    • I can’t take off, I’m halfway through a 60 day challenge 😦 Plus I’m saving the allowed off days for when I’m really sick, like “explosive diarrhea” kind of sick. 😀

      BTW which book was it in? I’ve only got the orange one, while the first book’s a tattered copy in the bookstore [ain’t no way I’m paying fullprice for something that looks 4th hand!]

  3. Good for you for powering through it!

    This is why I will only use dark towels at all times. And wear dark bottoms.

    • Oh it was towards the end of class, so twas all good 😀

      Through once I leaked through the tampon [3%@#%] onto my white towel [!!!!!!!!!!!!], and had to gracefully exit the room.

  4. I completely agree with the advice above re: dark towels and bottoms. In fact it was for this very reason I ordered my second Yogitoes towel in a very dark colour yesterday. My current lighter one does leave me a bit worried during that time of the month. Which is right now for me too. As if you needed to know that at all… 😀

    • No harm sharing, I’m pretty much open about these sorta things cause well, it happens to everyone, right? 😀

  5. Bikram makes you younger! I know. I was in full menopause for about a year..no periods at all. When I started Bikram on a regular basis, my periods resumed. oh well.

    • Oh WOW! Never knew Bikram could be *that* restorative. My 53 year old mum started Bikram last year, but she’s menapause’d for a few years now and she says that she doesn’t get hot flushes as much. That and her knee is not as clickity clack as before 🙂

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