So because a friend of mine went down to Singapore and practiced in the True Fitness Bikram Yoga studio, I thought to myself “Hey, I think I *should* do that too”, ya know, just to get a feel of different energy and experience other teacher’s style of teaching.


Or at least, planning. Ahem.

Currently aiming for 31st July – 3rd August [yes, next week!!!!], and of course, I am bussing to and fro for convenience’s sake [though I reckon catching a flight there is around the same price, no?]. And no, I’m NOT going to catch a bus from Pudu as it’s too far! *sideway glance at Foo. 😛

Will be staying with Foo, and I hope he doesn’t mind me bringing sweaty Shaktis in and out of his room. Though this reminds me, now’s a good opportunity to drag him to Bikram Yoga with Despederata. Heh heh heh. 😀

A side note : Foo and I have been friends for over a decade [right, right?]. After I moved to New Zealand, we lost contact and by a stroke of serendipity, we met again at the hospital as we were both collecting documentation for insurance purposes -_- [I had a lump named Murphy removed, he had a health issue]

I foresee geek talks, wisecracking jokes and gossiping sessions up to 3am in the morning >.<

Aaaaaah so many people to meet up [actually, only Despederata and Adam]. So little time. AAAAAAH!


p.s : Bikram Yoga City Hall is mighty expensive. *rollover, die.

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  1. Eh, Adam? that name sounds familiar 🙂

    I expect to have my ps3 hijacked until 3am in the mornings. 😛 And I seriously dread having two ladies try to drag me to what I suspect is the most torturous exercise ever invented… (just last night, someone laughed at me for not being able to touch my toes) urk!

    • Yeah, my ex colleague, Adam, don’t think you’ve met him before. 😀

      It isn’t torture! And if you’re not flexible, even better. You need it more! Oh come on, just try.Plleeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseee? *puts on cutesy puppy face.

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