Sin City


As I read up more about the lovely state of Las Vegas, Nevada, I am starting to get worried about what to pack, especially so since I intend on travelling the USA for a bit [and hopefully get to visit some of the lovely yogi/nis!].

Tell me, enlighthen me : How the heck does someone pack for weather that wavers between 81ºF – 31ºF  (that’s 27ºC – 3ºC) ?! And that’s ONLY in Las Vegas! eeeep!

The next person who says : Oh you’ve lived in New Zealand, you should be used to winter colds by now – will get 4 minutes of Awkward Part 2. I lived in Auckland, the “winter” was a rainy, cold dreary season. Consider yourself lucky if your brolly doesn’t get turned inside out during the whole of winter. And I simply – for some unknown reason – can’t stand the cold. I remember going skiing once with a few friends, and as I stepped in the crunchy snow told Jo “Fuck, I am going to get frostbite, heading back indoors”. She laughed and said “Woman, your feet are in fur-lined suede boots.  To get frostbite your feet needs to be bare and in minus 10 degree centrigrade temp!” before hauling me back to the snow. She was right, I never got frostbite, but I swore to put heating gel pads down my boots if I were to step in the snow ever again.

Argh. Now to dig up my old winter clothes that I brought back to Malaysia. Yes, I am a freak. I thought I’d settle back here permanently, but it seems that I have miles to go before I even settle down. So the next person who asks “Oh, when are you getting married?” will be asked to donate to the “Marry Mei Off To Someone Rich & Famous” fund, since they’re wanting an excuse to come out and party.


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  1. I used to work in Las Vegas, worked one week in Vegas and one week in Portland for several months. Vegas is hot and dry, but most indoor places are climate controlled. Vegas would not be so popular if it weren’t for all the manmade environments. So the temp range is really for walking outside which isn’t very much fun. Most people walk the strip and to and from their cars. Most of the casinos are connected with above ground bridges so really, there is no need to ever leave the controlled environment. You may still be too cold in the fake air, so…..

    My one tip for traveling thru the USA and for weather is layers, lots of layers. Polar fleece is very popular layering item. Not terribly fashionable but very functional. Wool sweaters work just the same. Merino wool is nice and thin and will definitely keep you warm. You may also want to bring along tights, leggings or thermal underwear for layering. These things generally pack well and can make the difference underneath pants, shorts or skirts. My guess is that during the day, you will be spending all your time in the hotel and the only time you will go out is at night and weekends. Vegas is hell and the water is terrible. If possible, try to arrange for some hiking trips on the weekends to check out the “desert” landscape. It is quite nice, Vegas is still hell.

    • Wow, thanks for all the tips! 😀

      I do have some merino wool tops and some thermal layers [must..dig..em.. out..] so will stuff them in the bag when I come. Is it also true that we’re not allowed to lock our bags when we travel to the states?

      Will DEFINITELY run out of being yoga’fied during the weekends! Apparently the Grand Canyon is nearby,so I hope to get out and see some sights [and gamble?] while I’m there. wee!

      • Ya, no bag locking. They will ask you to unlock your bags when you check them in at the airport. America’s airport rules are so ridiculous. Just make sure you do your research because it sucks to have to throw away things you purchased for the trip at the airport.

        I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, but I hear it is quite spectacular. Not sure if you are going to have the time tho…it is a 5+ hour drive one way.

      • Whoah, that Is pretty strict! Yeah now the international law is “no liquids above 250ml” for carry on baggages just in case someone decides to *POOF* the plane.

        5 hour drive? !!! Someone told me it was “not that far” away, and by “not that far” I assumed it’d be at MOST a 2 hour drive each way. eeeek! numb butts!

  2. Ohhh, this might need to go to e-mail. You only need to worry about throwing out liquids in the bags you bring onto the plane—in other words, make sure all of your toiletries go into the bag you check, and you’ll be fine.

    Depending on where you’re traveling to in the States, you’ll clearly need different kinds of clothing. But Vegas is just hot, plain and simple. You need very little clothing. And the drive to the Grand Canyon is soo worth it! It’s beautiful—both the Canyon and the drive.

    Are you making it out the East Coast???

  3. Ah yes, all liquids in the bag, check!

    Maybe a little room for Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour cream, yes? [love the smell!]

    I’m planning Las Vegas, California, hopefully New York [I blame TV] if my budget allows for it. [Which at the moment, is looking like nay 😦 ]

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