My Favourites

These are my 2 most favourite Yasmin Ahmad ads. OK fine, they’re about 2 minutes long each, so rightfully so they’re a mini mini movie. Luckily the client [Petronas] has enough budget for airtime, can you imagine how much it’d cost to air these commercials during holidays on TV?! Actually, I do know the rough estimate, eeks!

A little cultural background about this commercial for my non Malaysian friends : With the Chinese, it’s ALWAYS “keeping up with the Joneses” in terms of their children’s education. Ie : I must one UP my friends and send my kid to MORE tuition classes, MORE extra-curricular activities, MORE this, MORE that. My son/daughter got SEVEN A’s, EIGHT A’s, TEN A’s in the recent examinations [I know, it’s mind boggling, but we have up to TEN compulsory subjects in high school, gag]. So when the kids are grown up and working, it’s “My son’s an engineer earing 5 figures a month”, “My daughter’s a doctor earning 5 figures per operation”, etc.


p.s : No class for today. Still a little depressed and upset. Will do a double tomorrow.

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  1. i’m crying like an idiot watching the CNY tvc. have always loved it.

    • I love the bitchslap line that Eng gives :
      “Wa kia lai liao. Wa kia lai liao” and the son arrives in an old proton saga.

      *wipes tear

  2. Beautiful! I think Ill call my mom and dad now…

  3. thank you, that was lovely ~m

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