Bowing In

Ah, back after a day hiatus thanks to shitty 3rd-world like connection.

Up yours, streamyx.


Think I just made a breakthrough during floor bow, dhanurasana. Now, this posture, I have had a nasty habit of coming out early [my back hurts, my leg hurts, and why the hell do my legs splay open during floor bow but I can’t seem to get my legs to open up for a pap smear?!], or, losing my grip.

Oh but yesterday, wow, yesterday. I kicked and kicked and kicked and lifted my chest up the floor and oh WOW are those MY toes? My little deformed toes?! [Yes, I’ve got a deformed left toe that I happen to think is quite cute].

Try the right way, and ye shall be rewarded.

In other passing news, told my parents that I am going to Fall Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Told them I’d be taking out a loan.

Response : You are a total fuck up in life.

Hmmm. Just to spite them, I’d go get pregnant to a married man and have a string of affairs, marry a loan shark and sell metamphetmines to supplement my very own syabu habit.

Yes, I think I’ll do just that if they want a real fuck up.

</end personal rant>


Rajashree is on twitter, and you can follow her handle @yoga_rajashree . For those of you who are not on twitter, I strongly urge you to join our little Bikram Yoga community on twitter [that’s how I met awesome folks such as McKinley and BikramIsHot !].

Righty ho, time to stop feeling like a total failure / disaster in life. Onward ho to class!


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  1. Remember to tell your parents about your awesome porn career.

    It’s tough, they are reacting poorly because that’s what some parents do. I remember my mom telling me I was a loser cuz I went to a protest. I looked at her in absolute disbelief and said, well I guess I am a loser. Hopefully, your folks will get over it quick and move on with their lives and let you move forward your life.

    • Oh, my porn career. Forgot about that.

      I’ll charge US$6600 for a blowjob. That ought to settle everything. [har har].

      Hopefully, hopefully. In the meantime, learning how to have a hide as thick as a komodo dragon’s.

      • Ha ha! you do know that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas dont you? Well technically you have to be out of the city limits, but still…

      • It IS?!

        Well, uh, ah… I’m pretty sure that I can panhandle customers. Or manhandle them. Hahaha!

  2. Aw! That is tough. When I thought I was going to this training, the absolute WORST part was anticipating all the people who would tell me I was a total fucking lunatic. But… you know what you’re doing. You know it is worth it.

    Stop tempting me with Twitter!!! Between facebook and blogging I already have TOO many addictions!

    • Hmm, friends are like “Whoah cool”, parents are like “You have a BA that you don’t even use for your current skillsets, you are dropping every thing to go to do WHAT?!”

      Come on twitter. It’s fun. It’s good. You get to meet MORE Bikram peeps! Plus, it’s RAJASHREE on twitter! *dangle dangle carrot

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