Random Photoblog

Only because I want to visually assault y’all with meaningless photos that I took in an attempt to be artsy. Oh, and also to show what my half-assed attempt at a backbend / dandayama dhanurasana is.

Kids, do not try this at home!

Posh Bella

Posh Bella

Could’ve photoshopped the photo to make it look more vibrant, but I’m lazy enough as it is.

Edward & The Fishies

Edward & The Fishies

That’s little Edward all fattened up, staring at the fishes that I scooped up at a local market for RM3 [catch as MANY as you want, but I caught 5 😦 ]

Bella's Savasana

Bella's Savasana

Dana said that Bella’s previous Savasana lacked proper form and technique. Talked to Bella about it and taught her the *RIGHT* way to do a savasana, and this is what she came up with.



If you see me doing this in class, smack me because this is actually a half-assed attempt by yours truly to do a backbend. I can actually go deeper than that, depending on my mood and how sore my back feels, of course. Need. to. work. on. getting. hands. back. to. ears. AND bending backwards even more. Yes, this was taken ages ago, when I had longer hair.

Dandayama Dhanurasana

Dandayama Dhanurasana

See, this is why you wear Shaktis [no gaping holes!]. Need to build strength in this posture, and working to get my upper body down more and hold the posture for 30 seconds! Yes, let’s start with 30seconds, then 1 minute, aiite?

There. 5 pictures. I think I’m done for the day. Z


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  1. Bravo Bella! …and your knee is locked..very good!

    • I tried telling her, “Heels touch, feet fall open” but there she lay, legs akimbo like a wench.

      Locking the knee, trying to get the kicking leg to lock too! Someday, someday 😀

      Have a great one!

  2. um, yeah, remember, form before depth and getting your arms next to your ears is before bending. sorry, i’m being a jealous bitch, you are so flexible! i forgot how tall you are? anyway, thank you for a good morning!

    • Trying! Funnily enough when I get into the posture I don’t know where to locate where my rather large ears are.

      I’m around 5’1 after conversion. Though I’ve always maintained that if I didn’t start smoking at 14,drinking coffee at 13 and sleeping regular hours during my teens, I could’ve hit 5’5. 😦

      • BTW, you know how much i love photos, thanks for sharing!

        i love it when i visit a bikram blog and don’t read about bikram!

  3. You have a lovely spine!!

    There is nothing – NOTHING – in the dialogue about having your arms touching your ears in backward bending. In a perfect posture, yes, they touch. But in reality, for 99.999% of human beings, they will always be trying to “catch up” and that’s fine. As long as your head is dropped all the way back and you’re pushing your arms back as much as possible, that is great. I’m just mentioning this because I got distracted by trying to get “arms with ears” for a while, and the main result was that I tensed my neck, which is incorrect.

    I say, keep getting the arms back, but DON’T change a thing! To me it looks perfect.

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