Hello From Singapore!

Why hello there.

Just a short update about my journey while I await my host Foo to wake up from his slumber. We [that is, myself, Foo and Despederata] are heading off to Geylang Road [Singapore’s red light district, and FYI, prostitution is LEGAL in this part of the city]. to sample what is, according to Foo, a delicacy : Frog Leg Porridge.


Apparently it tastes like chicken [or so I’ve been told], but I sure hope that I won’t start ribbit-ing in class tomorrow. Speaking of which, I will attempt to wake up at 830 and head off to Pacific Plaza to practice Bikram Yoga. Woo hoo! Foo asked : Who the heck brings 3 towels and forgets about a shower towel?!

Oh, since it won’t be a “Mei” day without the following happening to me :

1. Being called a MISTER at Singapore Immigration. Yeah, I know, I’ve joked about being mistaken for a boy / tranny thanks to my pixie crop and flat chest, but I NEVER expected to be addressed as “MISTER Ng Mei” at immigration. When I’m wearing a black tank top. And a bra. And my passport says FEMALE. *forehead palm

2. “So, going to Singapore for 4 days?” asked the bus conductor guy [who I happen to think is quite cute, as per my tweet]. I said yes. He asked “So you’re 27,28?”. I shot him a look of death – the best a 28 year old MISTER can – and replied “Twenty FOUR”.

Ok, time to go 😀


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  1. I’m nearly six feet tall. And I think my height alone—along with my penchant for sometimes slopping it up in old t-shirts and shorts—has prompted some people to accidentally say “Sir” or “Mister” to me. It’s not like this happens on a regular basis or anything, but it’s happened enough that, well, it warrants sharing! 🙂

  2. Frog legs!
    Do I have a story? Why yes, I do. I was the only girl in my family of 3 brothers and one night they all went hunting the big giant frogs in the canals near our house with big lights and long bamboo sticks with forks on them..barbaric I know. Its called “frog gigging” and I was not not prepared for the aftermath. I was only about 9 or 10 years old at the time.. The next morning, I woke up and opened up the refrigerator to get some milk for my breakfast when I was confronted with a big bowl of water filled with about 10 pairs of quivering frog legs. Yes they were off of the frogs but the legs were still moving! I think I screamed until my mother came. My mother was a tough cookie though. She skinned those wiggly things, battered them and fried them up golden and I have to admit, even though I was traumatized, they were delicious!

    • Oh WOW, deep fried frog legs, never had em before! They way there were done for dinner was a quick stir fry with some dried chillies and sweet dark sauce, served with congee. DIVINE!

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