Back to the Daily Grind

It happens to all of us. After a super fantastic holiday [fantastic for me, but probably draining and tiring to poor friends and my gracious host, who’s probably superglad I’m gone], it’s back to sorting the mess that is my life, pondering the meaning of life [I don’t care what that Supermatrix Computer in Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, it’s NOT 23!], [over]analysing the things I’ve done with my life and wondering if I should have gone out to buy a new pair of sandals.

And yes, I did practice Bikram Yoga in Singapore on Saturday AND Sunday [skipped Monday cause I was tied up], so it’s a doubles galore on Wednesday and/or Friday.

But for now, here’s a small itty bitty distraction while I type out a long as post on my adventure in Singapore [it’s a Mei-venture, you’ll read why soon enough].



p.s : Yes, I know of the song. Yes yes, I’m old.


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  1. Glad you had fun Meiz, and was glad to have you over! You are a bundle of energy. lol. 😛 Back to the daily grind for me too 😦

  2. Hehe, I saw that video recently… it’s cute. Who DOESN’T know that song?!

    Also… it’s FORTY-TWO, silly! Honestly, 23… tsk tsk tsk… kids these days…

    Glad your vacation was fun!


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