Zen, wooozah

Hello folks!

Ah it feels good to be back on my very familiar mat, albeit missing practicing in the awesome studios in Singapore. Managed to practice with the awesome Despederata, and I am so awed by her strength and focus in all the postures. This lady drinks water only after garurasana and before the first savasana. I must’ve looked like a fish out of water with my obscenely pink and huge 2litre water bottle. *hangs head in shame

Took class today that was led by Rich Nichols, Regional Bikram Original Hot Yoga Teaching Director for the True Group. As I tweeted, “He came, he saw, he destroyed us all”. Basically got my ass handed to me on a plate, garnished with parsley and a lovely ice pony sculpture. I looove My Little Pony, so what?! And since there were 2 Mei’s in the class, he referred to me as “The Little One” and corrected my overdramatic arm flailing during Awkward. You know, instead of arms up straightaway, for some reason, I go into a dance routine and raise it up like I’m about to do bust out into high jumps from Swan Lake. In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t have a dancing background, unless you call drunken tabletop dancing / pole dancing in clubs dancing. Er, yeah, I was once young and stupid. I’m still young and but less  stupid though.

And since Rich is here, I, like a good little yogini / future TT trainee, will attend his posture clinic tomorrow. Studio Director told me that it’d be basically the same posture clinic that I attended [I know, I owe you all the floor series, but I promise, I’ll do a better one this time or you can have my first child], but I don’t care, I WANNA GO! *throws a very polite yogini tantrum. I hope everyone doesn’t think I’m some sort of Bikram Yoga Teacher Groupie, stalking some guy from San Francisco and attending his classes, posture clinics and politely clicking away with my camera. Speaking of which, I didn’t upload the photos from the previous posture clinic cause they were THAT shit, even after all the INSANE amount of photoshopping I did. Adjust contrast, colour, noise, and poor Rich looked like an oompa loompa. A very tall oompa loompa who has an awesome spine.

OK, time for bed. I have a sudden craving for instant noodles with an egg in it. You know, the sort of egg that’s between half boiled and hard boiled, so when you bite into it the centre’s all runny and yummy? Yeah, I’d like a bowl of that on the stomach of a hot male model who has an awesome backbend.*


p.s : Recently tweeted that after my back2back yesterday, it felt BETTER than sex – the post class euphoric high, that is. Never expected such a flurry of replies [fine okay, it was only 3, but I still found it hilarious!]! Will have to look on em on my Twitter client and grab a screenie  😀


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  1. any time you get to spend with a wise yogi is time well spent, you’re not a groupie, just an eager student!

  2. i never met a posture clinic i didn’t like!! i drove 4 hours each way last spring just to go to an afternoon posture clinic with my favorite teacher. you can NEVER go to too many posture clinics!! even if you’ve practiced for like 50 years, there’s always gonna be something new that hits you!

    2 liters?! Woman. Leave that thing OUTSIDE next class. Just do it. You will amaze yourself.

    • In the 2 hours today, we only covered up till Standing head to knee! Which means tomorrow’s clinic will have to be superduper speedy gonzales fast!

      I actually gave newbies my water cause I felt sorry for them. For some reason, they never came back to class. Starting to think that my water tastes funky to them.

  3. omg you are too sweet!

    YOU were awesome! you reach points in poses I can only DREAM of! =)

    • But I keep on getting tempted by the water. Waaaterrr.

      At one point I was relishing my water so much, had to push this stray fantasy of me drinking water from you-know-who’s abs. *giggles like a mad schoolgirl.

      Ahem. Control.

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