Random Fact of The Day

Since I am too wasted to upload the photos from today’s clinic [I actually had a 2hr nap over at the boyfriend’s and I STILL feel tired], here’s a random fact from today’s clinic :

Mei’s Spine Measurements

Standing Straight – 22inches

Backward Bending – 14inches

Forward Bending – 25inches

Supercool! Now, if only my spine can stretch forward more till I touch my forehead to the toes…


p.s : Edward’s being a silly mopey kitty. After he ran headfirst into the table’s leg, he is now looking at me with sad pitiful eyes and rubbing his temple with his paws. TOO CUTE.


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  1. That IS cool!! Makes me wish I knew where my tape measure was! What points do you measure from and to?

    • Hey J, you should try it too, since you’ve got an awesome backbend 🙂

      We measured from the coccyx to where the tip of the neck head starts [I forgot the name of this bit!]

      Oh come for TT and we’ll measure you up!

      • “Tip of the neck head” – LOL. Did you know that the top of your spine is right in between your ears? I think most people don’t know that. You can prove it to yourself. Put your fingers in your ears and nod your head like you’re saying “yes.” See how your fingers don’t more? That’s cause that is the point that your head rotates on. I learned that a million years ago and always thought it was cool.

        I AM sorta tempted to drive over to Vegas in the fall and at least VISIT tt… tho i don’t know so many people there this time… I guess I’d try to go for one of the weeks when my old teacher is there on the staff…

  2. one’s spine can CHANGE LENGTH?

    I guess you just mean it folding inwards or outwards only right.. lol.. Cause you can’t physically disconnect spinal segments u know – you’d just paralyze yourself haha

    Edward so kewt 😀

    • More like when you backward bend you compress the spine, thereby “shortening” it. Dancing J can give you a more detailed explanation as to what happens when a spine is “compressed” 🙂

      When you do a forward bend, you lengthen the spine , thereby stretching all the nerves, tendons and ligaments in your back 🙂

      • Oh, is that a request? 🙂 I’m not that brilliant with anatomy… but if you look at a picture of somebody’s rabbit and camel side by side (AHEM – got any pictures, girl?) you can see that the back of the body totally changes length. (Of course, when the back compresses, the front stretches, and vice versa, so it is always balanced out.)

        The discs at the back of the vertebrae DO get closer together and farther apart when you bend forward and backward. I read a great book about this once but I forget where I put it.

      • Yes please! 😀

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