Allrighty folks!

Photos are UP on my facebook account. Finally, all the photos are uploaded! I do not like the speed of Malaysia’s broad narrowband, not one bit. If you’d like to have a look at the whole album [I’d be nuts to post all 123 photos here!], just add me on Facebook via and include a little note please, lest your request languishes in the dephths of cybertrash.

In the meantime, I’m doing a double tomorrow [morning and evening class] as I won’t be able to practice on Wednesday as I’ll be in Singapore watching Lady GaGa strut her stuff 😀

On a more personal note, just realised after I pay off for Teacher Training and borrowing money from my mum for air tickets and what not, I’ll be surviving on PBJ in Vegas. In fact, I don’t even have the cash to renew my car’s road tax / insurance.  That and should the opportunity arise for me to teach overseas [I REALLY WANT TO!], the furthest I can go is Southeast Asia, or India as I’ve got no money for Europe or USA. Should I have left my job so early to prepare myself mentally and physically for this? Logically, no, the boyfriend and family say, as now I will be scraping by to survive. But screw this, if I worked the crazy hours I did, put up with the nonsense I had to put up with, I wouldn’t be in my sweet happy spot now. I don’t intend to look back in regret [Oh, should’ve worked for 2-3 more months to raise the funds], but you know what? Some days I *do* feel like my dad was right, I am a total fuck-up. A total fuck-up because I’m a Chinese who can barely speak Mandarin but speaks better Spanish and Italian, a fuck-up because I’m dyscalculic and a fuck-up because I am a 24 year old ex-copywriter who is going to become a yoga teacher and help change lives.

So if that’s a fuck-up to my father, well then, I’m proud of being one. I may not be able to change the mind of ONE PERSON, but if I can change the lives of a THOUSAND people, that means more to me than parental approval.

How did this come about? Well, at posture clinic, Rich called me up onstage to demonstrate a backbend [because according to Jakob I’ve got a crazy backbend]. As I walked up on stage, a little nervous and excited [so help me God please don’t make me barf my lunch out on Rich!], he suddenly announced “This is Mei, and she’s going to be a teacher!”. The first thought that came to my head was “…SHH SHH SHH!”. My dear friends, you have NO IDEA how embarassed I was! Then I realised after clinic that even if my parents don’t support or understand what I do, there are other people out there who do. So thank you all very much for your support, kind words and love, it means A LOT to me! I’d bake y’all a giant cookie, but I’d eat it all before it can even leave the kitchen. *burp.


p.s : Would you all like to see another installment of DomoAdventures with a Pony this time? 😀


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  1. be very proud that you are becoming a teacher! Never be shy about it!!!!

    You’re going to be a great teacher… Because you are serious about your own practice.

  2. yes please!

  3. aw man, you are not a fuck up!

    you are awesome for daring to follow your dreams and taking the concrete steps to get there! How many people can say they followed their hearts and did their thing – hindsight is always 6/6, but you did what you can!

    Am sure you will make good – no matter where your journey leads you!

    If you can’t make the USA or Europe now, SEA is fine! One step at a time…

    And do look into coming to Singapore to teach – would love to take your class! =D

    • Haha, yeah do come to Singapore to teach!

      (might end up getting dragged to class, but oh well :P)

      My little buddies await Domo’s arrival.. 🙂

      • You do know that since your name is the only one I know, I’d be picking on you the whole class?

        “Foo, stay in the room. Don’t leave. Stay still, don’t move. Stay on your mat. Stop checking the girls out. Can you please chat her up AFTER the class?”


  4. It’s hard to filter out the thoughts and opinions of those you love and whose approval you want, however subconsciously or stubbornly. But, shit. You’re following your passion. You’re doing something that thousands of people talk about doing but never, well, DO.

    Taking a risk is usually scary and unsettling, loud, crazy, unthinkable . But, better that than the monotone hum of complacency.

  5. Thank you guys so much 🙂

    This means lots to me, and I’m tearing up where I am. *sniff sniff.

    Oh look at the pony!

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