It irks me when people give you negative advice. You know, instead of giving useful, positive, constructive / character-building advice they tell you :

“Oh, but you’re young and single, so I think your US visa will be rejected”.

Er, I don’t need that sort of advice, thank you very much.

My response to that [cause I was infinitesimally pissed – who wouldn’t be?!] :

Yes, I’m 24. Yes, I’m single. But what do you want me to do, ask my boyfriend or a friend to register a scam marriage just to help me along the way? Wouldn’t that be WORSE?

I am going to Las Vegas just to be a teacher, not to usurp resources from another country and get a green card. I am a citizen of a country I love and would be honoured to teach yoga WHEREVER I can. So, yes, I know the odds are stacked against me [young, cute, single, eligible bendy,  HAH!], but I have honest intentions, and that’s what I hope the interviewer at the US Embassy will see.


p.s : LADY GAGA IN 24 HOURS. ❤

p.p.s : Props to Foo for putting up with me again, and putting me up again. Do you have enough toilet paper ready for my arrival?


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  1. sorry you have to go through so much to get here, what a hassle!

  2. What sort of visa are you applying for to go to TT?

    • Regular ol’ tourist visa. Marrying some old dude, killing him off and bringing my 4 husbands and 20 children over isn’t on my agenda, LOL!

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