Grin Reaper

Oh my God.

Body sore. Legs sore. Everything but my nose is sore, unless there’s a posture named Painfaceasana that I missed!

So today was my first advanced class. It went OK, aside from the fact that I now realise that I have very little strength and literally no upper body strength to lift my puny 45kg self off the floor. *super pout.

With 3 bruises on my body, it brings the lovely collection of angry purple marks on my body to 7, though I have a feeling that I shall discover more markings tomorrow.

Jakob’s our coach, and he told us that by the time we’ve got our routines down to a pat, he’s gonna take us to practice in front of the Starbucks down by the studio as we “need to learn how to do the postures even with distractions”. Fun!

Ugh, bleary eyes. Can’t type straight.



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  1. Ooooh… First advanced class!?! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaah, awesome! It’s like being a beginner all over again, isn’t it….

    The Starbucks idea is hilarious and brilliant. Your coach sounds really good. Yay! A good coach is important. I think I’m just gonna be practicing postures in my backyard and all around the house this fall… I sure wish I had a coach… (whine whine whine)

    • Oh yes, makes me feel so dorky, can’t tell left from right and I can’t seem to get my head around the “funny grip” for Pigeon!

      My coach practiced with none other than the great legend Mary Jarvis. So fortunate to have him here sharing her wisdom and knowledge and energy!

      Saaaaaaaaaay I’ve got a really brilliant out-of-this-galaxy idea : Put your studies on hold, come live here, compete and represent Malaysia! You can be the replacement daughter for my mum while I’m at TT too [albeit you’re taller and er, white]! All you have to do as a replacement daughter are my chores, which include : looking after 2 cats and 2 dogs, occasional mopping and vacuuming, laundry and you will be rewarded with awesome Italian / Chinese cooking [my mum was an Italian in her past life I think].

      What say you, eh eh eh? *nudge nudge.

      Plus the studio’s only a 5 minute bike ride / 2 minute drive away. 😀 You get to practice everyday! 😀

      • Aaaaaaaaahh, YES… Bikram yoga foreign student exchange program!! How great would THAT be. I would fit right in, I’m sure. I do like Italian food. But I suck at taking care of animals. I always let my little sister do that stuff when we were kids… 😉

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