*Fuck My Life

Officially I’m on Day 59 of my 60-day challenge. And what should happen but Mei twisting her ankle the day before. ARGH! [See, I TOLD you hyperflexible people are susceptible to twisting ankles and what not].

*runs away sobbing her tiny stone cold heart out

It’s okay, I will soldier on and attend classes but steer clear of padangustasana and take it easy in supta-vajrasana.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID STONE ON THE ROAD.

And I know, I owe y’all a post about the posture clinic [with pretty piccies!]  and piccies from Lady Gaga, but between the dialogue memorising [I really wonder how actors do it], freelance work [WOOHOO!], chores, yoga, blog stalking and drama going on in my life, I can’t even sit down and look for my USB cable or write a nice long overly verbose post about the 2.

Here’s hoping you had a better evening than I. 🙂



Posted on August 18, 2009, in Bikram Yoga, Malaysiana, Yuck. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Aw… don’t cry!!! 😉

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