Official : Day 60

Unofficial : Day 107.

After 107 days of non-stop Bikram Yoga [I would’ve probably done 120 odd classes, including my doubles stunt twice a week], I have gained :

– Tremendous concentration

– Incredible patience

– Oodles of muscle. I now weigh 45.5kg. PHROAR!

– The ability to sleep for 3-4 hours a night and still feel like a happy chirpy bunny

– I think I even grew taller!

The downside :

– Lost more fat aka farewell boobs and ass. It was very nice knowing you

– A voracious appetite for sex akin to that of a 17 year old lacrosse jock on prom night. I played lacrosse, so I have all the right to use this analogy over say, soccer or football :p My GOODNESS it was something along the lines of “I’d better get me some RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW or I’ll dry hump the pole or any average looking available Joe in the gym next door”. Ahem. [pats hair down and smoothes dress].

But more on that for a later blogpost. Excuse me if you will, I gotta memorise dialogue.


p.s : I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate my PMS! They say yoga cures it, but it’s making it worse for me! My back gets so goddamn sore and stiff I can’t even go deep in my backbends without my back spazzing out. Help?


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  1. Giggling at “PHROAR”…. 🙂

    My back is the same way when I get my period! Ugh. Just baby it. I always make sure to stretch it out before class (some of those little cobra push-ups, or “up dog” as they say in OTHER yoga classes) to work a few of the kinks out…

    • I can’t do anything! Forward bending seems to make my back a tad happy, but the moment I hit a backward bend halfway my back starts spazzing out and this makes me shake during the posture. Not good, right?

      Really tempted to get an oompa loompa to step on my back gently to massage it. A really good looking oompa loompa.

  2. Congrats on the 60 days! You are amazing!!! And I look forward to your future post on feeling like a 17 year old lacrosse jock 🙂 Bikram seems to have the opposite effect on me. It’s when I take a break from the yoga that I get a little crazy. Last year I slept with my really horrible ex (months and months after we had broken up) when my yoga studio was closed to get new carpet and my cable tv was out because my roommate didn’t pay the bill. I think I was just bored!

    • Hah! I think I scared a new teacher off when I was telling her about my uh, insane need for SEX SEX SEX.

      Oooh I will DM you about this on FB. 😀

  3. Hi Mei, I found your website through thedancingj’s blog. 🙂 Congrats on completing 60 days — what an accomplishment! I posted an article on my blog that talks about how bikram makes some people horny. Check it out!

    • Hey JoJo, thanks for dropping by! 😀

      Oh yes, read that article. Unfortunately, coming out of camel either brings me to tears [sobbing with tears mixed with sweat…] or laughing.

      The randy jock makes an appearance after class.

      Naughty yogini!

  4. dress? what dress?

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