Warning : Mistress Pain In the Making

So today I had my first posture clinic practice with studio director and fellow TT trainee, Mel.

85-90% verbatim, so I really need to work on memorising EVERYTHING! And no uhhs and uhms and “OH SHIT SORRY!” during utkatasana.

In fact, I’m starting to suspect that I’ll turn out into a teacher that regularly gets death stares from students because I hold a posture for just 5 seconds too long. Halfway through awkward Mel gave me a LEVEL 25 DEATH STARE before I realised that I was holding her too damn long in the posture.


Next on the list : Verbatim, verbatim, verbatim. And no additional EXHALES or PUSH ! 90% verbatim is 100 % WRONG!



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  1. Nah, keep em in the posture for 5 more seconds, it’s GOOD for them! Hahahah. I get more annoyed when postures are too short. Also – 5 seconds one way or another is NOTHING. (You shoulda seen me… omg… timing?!?! I have NO idea what happened…)

  2. Never worry about holding a posture too long. If someone needs to come out, they come out. The Bikram series holds poses for less time than just about anyone. And I agree with j, its much more of a problem when poses are too short.

    For TT, abolutely, get the dialogue 100% right. For everyday classes, 90% is probably more than good enough. How many classes have you been in where a teacher makes a slip up, or a major gaff, and you just continue with your practice? I bet sometimes it happens and you barely notice, or don’t even hear the slip-up.

  3. I have to agree with Duffy and dancingj.
    Death stares make you stronger anyway..carry on

  4. Thanks guys!

    Promise you won’t throw wet stinky towels at me after class? 😀

    I,little Asian midget lock-the-effing-knee terrorist, solemnly promise not to hold all the postures for too long. 😉

    • I’m just cracking up imagining the look on your face the first time you take Bikram’s class…. or Craig….. hahahhaha…. you will understand the joke in a couple of months. 🙂

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