Bad Rap

Ah, after my second Advanced class, I don’t seem to be too sore. It could be because last week was the week of PMS, hence my body was acting up and what not. It also could be because I’ve had only 4-5 hours of sleep each night since Thursday [ahh, more drama!] and I have some form of alcohol in my system [stout, lager, 2 cocktails] which could be why I feel like a wet noodle and slightly dehydrated.

This time round, we [by we, I mean, all of us ladies] were all made to work on our upper body strength [of which I have negative 5] by doing countless headstands, shoulder stands, forearm stands. Since the studio in Pavilion is fully mirrored [mirrors round the back, side, front], we had no choice but to practice our stands against the mirror. Now do a little math with me here, please. Because group activities are always so much fun!

Hot room + mirrors = heated mirrors


Unfortunately since I’m blessed with delicate, sensitive skin [that bruises easily, might I add], the moment I swung my legs up and hit balanced against the mirrors, I screamed in shock.

The mirrors were fucking hot! [I know, NO shit Sherlock!]. AURGHHHHH!

Just realised also that sometimes, an advanced class could be described in a rather… creative way. Like a badly written rap song. Think about it for a minute though! Hot sweaty bodies in 1 room, screams of pain [and or joy, once you GET a posture], a ridiculous amount of cussing [especially if you have a really foul mouth like me] and babes dressed in short shorts and tank tops.

So here’s my little ditty / rap that I came up with in under 30seconds [while chasing Edward up the stairs going “HEE HEE!”] :

Oooh sweat drippin’ all ovah mah bodeh,

Hot bodies slammin’ against the wall,

Fallin, fallin, fallin, all over me,

Breakin and achin as all them bitches fall down over me.

[insert obligatory rap move here]


p.s : Yeah, it’s really horrible, isn’t it? I’m actually laugh-cringing reading the lyrics, but oh well, if this made you cringe in absolute horror [“Somebody PLEASE send her to an English writing class!”], I’m so happy you’re cringing! LOL!


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  1. HEE! You are a loon, and I probably need to sleep… instead of being a dork and blogging about myself at 2am….

    Don’t BREAK the mirrors!!! My teachers never let us do inversions up against the mirrors for that reason. Do you get a crazy funhouse effect with the million walls of mirrors?! That’d freak me out…

    • I *am* kinda loony, even my mum say that she gave birth to a lunatic. [Ahem, I told her it’s genetic].

      Speaking of breaking the mirrors, I think one of the teachers DID crack the mirrors during the advanced. It got replaced quickly, la di da…

      YES, I was doing spine twist and I saw 3 million copies of myself in the mirror. Freaky!

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