Random LOL

Hello folks!

While surfing for yoga posture pictures / videos [where do the hands REALLY GO in sleeping yogi?!], I stumbled upon this gem.

Please, if you will, the picture BEFORE : click

Please if you will, the picture AFTER : click

Poor Bikram! Getting all censored like that.

Don’t need to read the article if you don’t want to, but gee, whoever has time to chant during Bikram Yoga has gotta have a lot of time on their hands.



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  1. Gosh, Im so glad that I wasnt born muslim. So many wonderful things in life are forbidden to them.

  2. dana:

    it is often the most wonderful things in life that are sinful. *wink*

  3. there are christians who are anti-yoga as well. personally i am anti-speedo but not for religious reasons 🙂

  4. a. :

    what did the speedo ever do to you?

  5. Apparently some believe that mere hand / body movements will be enough to make one dive into another religion.

    Strange little theory, I say.

  6. I love speedos..probably because the ones I see most often are on very fit bodies in my ocean swim club.

  7. You gotta give respect to a dude who’s been running around in a speedo for FIFTY YEARS and trying to teach the SAME thing over and over and over and over and over. 🙂

    • No disrespect was meant on my part, but I found it rather odd that of ALL the yoga pictures available on the world wide web [I’m guessing a bajillion] , they’d use a Bikram picture and decide to blur out his speedo! I guess they were looking for a ‘controversial’ picture? *shrug.

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