Temptation Waits

*Taken from Garbage – Version 2.0. I reckon it’s the BEST rock / alternative album ever, but feel free to educate me if you think I need it 😉

Ah, wherever I look, temptations abound. The sofa’s more tempting than the hot room, sneaking looks at facebook profiles / championship videos hold more delight than memorising dialogue [I am up to dandayama-janushirasana, LOCK THE KNEE – YOU HAVE NO KNEE!] and suddenly that single guy in the corner that I NEVER thought I’d date [“He’s too serious! Plus I think I’m too chirpy happy-clappy bimbotastic for him!”]  suddenly looks so damn date-worthy. But I digress.

Temptations. Who hasn’t faced them before?

When I had my … weird relationship with food [I’ll just stop short of calling it an eating disorder, though a nutjob of a doctor thought I really was anorexic], food was a temptation to me. After a brief struggle, I still had a complex relationship with food, counting calories and planning my meals in advanced. Now, I don’t even CARE. I just eat what I want, when I want and I don’t give a damn whether it contains 2000 calories [OK, maybe I really should!].

Temptations, they work like a drug, calling to you until you’ve had enough of it and you give in. Once you’re satiated, you then realise : Was it all worth it? Would you do it again? How long more are you going to give in to temptation?

One thing’s for sure though, I certainly need to tune up this screw-loose brain of mine. These temptations are making me an addict coming back for a little more.


p.s : Just realised that the whole of tomorrow and Saturday will be dedicated to yoga. I shouldn’t be clairmeiz, I should probably be a Yoga Mei-niac! [hattip to Christine!] 😀


Posted on August 26, 2009, in Bikram Yoga, Fun fun, Malaysiana, Perso-mei-lly. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Training will tighten any loose screws right? I’m going to have to go down there on Saturdays and take class with you guys to tighten up my own screws! Happy dialog memorizing!!!

    • Wonderful news! You and J MUST come over, and we can be the holy trinity of Bikram bloggers. Now we’ll just have to nudge The Missus to come down for a short trip… *nudge nudge 😀

      I thought of tightening my screw-loose brain [that’s been going HAYWIRE the past 2 weeks!] before training. I foresee training to be tears and tears and tears – oh all the repressed crap in me that’s just WAITING to burst out but can’t seem to do that right now!

  2. LOL!! I kinda forgot that I’d suggested that.. but i know i did suggest something

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