Damsel in Distress

Sigh, it seems like my life is one BIG cartoon! I swear someone should just write a script based on my adventures and sell it and make TONNES of moolah.

Practiced Advanced class yesterday with Jakob. YAY, advanced classes twice a week! That’ll help up my concentration and tighten my screw loose brain, and hopefully help “yoga out” whatever crap I’m feeling right now. I remember Jakob was saying how Life Pose was supposed to help with sexual energy and I asked dryly “Oh, does it help your sex life go up or down?”.

“Oh with Bikram, it’s all about the SEX!”.

“That’s no help then,” I replied, “I fucking need an OFF switch before I go out and do something stupid!”* [Yeah, advanced class with Jakob is so informal! I love it! We laugh and joke and talk about how coming out of a pose feels like 20 ounces of crack cocaine coursing through your veins. Not that I’ve done crack before, though!].

So instead of driving there and having to pay a ridiculous amount for parking, I opted to take public transportation there. While at KL Sentral, I spotted a tourist [atypical white guy with huuuge bag] asking for directions to get to Bukit Bintang. So I told him, we can go together, since I’m heading in the general direction. So Theo, from Melbourne [cough Aussies], is staying in KL for 5 days before heading to India, then Portugal, then back to Malaysia and heading up north to Penang. Awesome! I wish I had the funds to do a little travelling post TT!

After pointing Theo to where his hostel is I set off to walking to the studio. Lo and behold, what should happen but my shoes fall apart. By falling apart, I mean, the sole has separated from the last, so it looks like my shoe’s talking all to herself. Since I didn’t fancing walking barefoot on Malaysian roads [plus there was hella lot of construction going on!], I had to DRAG my right foot along Jalan Bukit Bintang [that’s Bukit Bintang Road] from Lot 10 to the studio, a good 1.5km walk. Imagine if you will, my walking pattern :

Lift your left leg up. Drag right foot along. Lift left leg up. Drag right foot. Lift. Drag. Lift. Drag.

For 1.5km. Across treacherous inner city terrain.

Thank the shoe Gods that Pavilion was already open, so I headed over to Charles and Keith for a little shoe-shopping. Hey, it was a good excuse allright. I only regret not heading over to the C&K warehouse in Singapore for a spot of therapy. [I remember Fooie berating/nagging/advising about saving funds for TT, but it seems that the shoe Gods want me to shop for shoes! 😀 ].

And you thought my Wednesday drama ended there? Noooo. Before taking the advanced at 3pm, I had the brilliant idea of having a salad before class. By the time I started doing forward compressions [Frog, guillotine, etc], I was burping and looking like I’d decorate the studio mirrors with half digested salad. Jakob guessed -from the smell of my burp!-  that I had a salad and he said “No more salads. Fruits, yes. But no salads, they take too long to digest!. Ughhh now I know!

Waited around after class for Jo to show up. It was good catching up with her [albeit briefly] before I headed out to dinner with my dad and cousins [he hovered around while I was talking to Jo, so no, we couldn’t GOSSIP!]

To follow up, it was raining cows and monkeys today before class, which entailed the use of my trusty white brolly [FREE from the ex-client. They may make good cars, but they sure make lousy brollies]. While I could get it open, I couldn’t get it to CLOSE. What the hell? If they can make cars with Brake Assist, surely a brolly that can open AND close isn’t a tall order?! Finally had to get someone to help me, but I don’t think she understood what I had to say [or maybe she just didn’t like my face], when I asked for help, she said “OK”, and turned around and walked away. What the fuck? Hello, lady, I’m asking for help to close the brolly so I won’t impale you with it later! Sheesh.

And that concludes my Wednesday and Thursday Damsel in Distress cartoon adventure. Still can’t believe I dragged my feet 1.5 [ok, maybe 2] km along KL city. *forehead palm.



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  1. sweet! I can so picture how funny you must’ve looked dragging your foot like the hunchback of notredame.
    Oh, and guys with Aussie accents are HOT. I went on a date last Saturday night with one. I let him do most of the talking. Oh and I’ve **heard** that they are quite good kissers too. **cough, cough**

  2. dancingj:

    Kiwi speak for Umbrella.

  3. Mich : Kinda hilarious now that it’s passed, but as I was dragging my feet I was praying to the Shoe Gods that it won’t completely come apart!

    Personally can’t stand the Aussie accent, SEEEKS [six] and FEEESH [fish]. Prefer Kiwi accents, though you’re right, Aussie guys are SEX ON A STICK [Sam Worthington, Travis Fimmel, Hugh Jackman].

    And I’m sure you’ve heard what an Australian Kiss is 😛 [dirty joke]

    thedancingj & Jun : Yes! It’s an umbrella 😀

  4. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. NOW this story makes sense!

  5. So what happened to Theo? 😛

    • Theo is now happily gallivanting around KL without a useless tour guide such as myself.

      What, did you expect some scandalous story? One scandal’s enough, thank you 😉

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