One More Thing…

Guys, please don’t wear boxer shorts to class. Boxer shorts are kinda like… underwear. And as the term “underwear” implies, it goes UNDER your clothes, not OVER it to be shown to the world.

And remember wet t-shirt competitions? Yes, they may look good on girls, but please, please, PLEASE, when practicing hot yoga, please, for the love of god and sanity, please, don’t wear tight white cotton boxer briefs.Ok, fine, at least he was wearing underwear beneath his tighty-whiteys, but come on!

This ends today’s Public Service Announcement.



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  1. please define boxers, I have never worn them. So I dont know what they are, to deserve a unique name of their own.

    • Hmmm they’re like loose shorts with funny patterns [superheroes, ducks, stripes, whatever]. Some brands emblazon the brand name / logo all across the waistband [like the guy’s had BYFORD] all over it.

      Boxer briefs is a combination of that, kinda like cycling shorts, except made out of cotton and keeps your junk nice and tight, nothing loose, nothing hanging 😀

  2. Ohh God. You actually had a guy in your class wearing tighty-whiteys??? That’s awful.

    I’d also like to extend this public service announcement to women wearing white sports bras. Yeahhh, ladies, we can see RIGHT through them the second you start sweating.

    • *nods vigorously.

      It was possibly a sight I’d like to erase from my memory, but seeing as how I’m a visual person with the memory of an elephant, that’s really impossible. I only have the utmost pity for the teacher who was leading the class, it was her FIRST class as well! Ack!

      Now, COTTON white sports bras are NO! NO! What the HELL were you thinking! But fabric that doesn’t go all… see-through once it’s wet [like lycra, or spandex] is ok, I guess. Just make sure to keep the privates well, private!

  3. Professional question.
    Since you are training and all, maybe you have experienced this or have heard of it..I got a heat rash the other day right after yoga. Its never happened before, my whole body got little red dots everywhere. They werent too irritating but they looked awful! One minute I was fine, the next I look like Im getting small pox or something. Well, after a couple of days, they are a little better but still here. I even skipped class last night just because I didnt want to aggravate the situation. Ever heard of this happening?
    Im absolutely sure its not bacterial. I always use a clean towel and I clean my mat regularly also. Im kinda freaking out about it. I love Bikram but now Im kinda afraid to go back at least till this thing clears up.

    • Hey Dana,

      It sounds like prickly rash / heat rash, I had that problem earlier this year after some vigorous Bikram practice coupled with awful smoky weather. Does it itch or hurt at all? Does scratching seem to aggravate the problem [I know it’s sooooooooo good to scratch but you end up looking so bad after that!]

      I used a product called Agnesia, which is basically medicated talc [Active ingredients – zinc oxide and chlorhexidine]. Not too sure whether it’s available over in the States, but you can try looking!

      Try to keep the area with the rash dry, ie no sweating. I know that’s sorta impossible with Bikram practice, but you could lay off a while and include more fresh fruits and veggies to help with the rash.

      Let us know how it goes! 🙂

      • Yeah, I thought laying off yoga for a few days is a good idea too. Its itchy but not unbearable. Swimming in the nice cool ocean yesterday helped tremendously. Ill look for that powder, thanks!

      • Ah yes salt water helps with itches as well, I forgot you live so near the ocean!

        Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  4. I have seen guys forget their practice clothes and have to practice in their tighty whites… Eww!

    Creeps me out knowing what kind of underwear a random guy wears.

    I have also seen a guy practice in his jeans because he forgot his clothes.

    • oh my, I reckon gyms should start selling emergency yoga clothes at the counter to er, counter this nasty problem. Oh our eyes!

      Jeans isn’t too bad, I’ve seen a first-timer wearing TWO layers. I kid you not.

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