The Clap

OK my fellow Bikram yogi/nis, you know the drill.

“SIT DOWN! *clap* until your hips touch the chair, feet flat position”

“SIT UP *clap clap*”

“And GO! *clap* Arms and head together! Come down until your whole body…”

A Bikram class [depending on teacher] is almost like a concerto of claps. Go in, clap, come out, clap, release, clap.

This one’s for all of ya!

Enjoy! 🙂


p.s : Cookie to anyone who can guess which postures the dialogue’s from. Yes, I’ve been a good little girl memorising my dialogue and not getting into any trouble. *adjust halo.

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  1. 1 – awkward part one! “… spine straight to begin with, maximum body weight in the heels.”

    2 – i assume the sit up? 🙂

    3 – balancing stick? “everything parallel to the floor so you look like a T like Tom, not a broken umbrella.” good girl, getting thru balancing series!!

    COOKIE NOW????


    People always put that disclaimer on me!! Like, “who’s doing 60 day challenge? J you don’t count.” And I’m like…. “…. but i AM doing it!!!!” HMPH.

    • Aww, ok, cookie you shall have! It’s a gigantic triple chocolate [dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate] cookie that has been chucked in the microwave so you get melted choccie bits. MMMMMMMMM!

  3. there are a few instructors who clap at my studio but most of them aren’t very clap happy. not sure why – i’ll have to ask the famous jenn about it.

    • i’m pretty sure there is only ONE clap in the dialogue… i think teachers just pick it up from each other. it’s not really necessary…

      • You’re right J, dialogue only has ONE clap, but funny enough, it doesn’t say WHERE! [I’m holding my copy and trying to look where it says “INSERT CLAP HERE / CLAP NOW!”].

        A teacher at my studio doesn’t clap, one snaps her fingers, some do clap, but there was a teacher who used to clap to make us go in the posture when he sensed that we were hesitating [“AND GO! *CLAP CLAP*. GO! *CLAP*”]

        Just realised that The Clap is also slang for some sort of STD. Hah, totally inappropriate title for a blog post!

      • The STD was the FIRST thing I thought of – hehe. It’s “the moment you hear my clap…” in balancing stick, right? And there is like massive debate in the Bikram community about when the clap is actually supposed to happen – LOL. We are a bunch of freaks.

      • Well most of the teachers clap before “come down” or it’s “Come down *clap clap*”. I personally agree that you have to use 100% strength before / midway entering the posture, because once you’re in it and you decide to contract the muscles and use strength you’d just wobble and topple. Or maybe it’s just me.

        Speaking of which, my tulandandasana has SUCKED donkey kong balls for the past 6 months! Can’t hold it up for the entire dialogue duration [and we know it’s MORE than ten seconds, pah!]. Though I’m able to hold it during advanced [maybe cause advanced isn’t as physically taxing?]

  4. Only a couple of teachers at my studio clap. The rest say “change!”. So when you feel like you are in something for a long time and any word beginning with “ch” rolls out of their mouth, you’ll see exhausted yogi’s pop out of the posture. It’s hilarious!

    • Shh, I’m guilty of that too. Sometimes, after taking a teacher’s class too many times, you kinda *know* when they’re gonna say “CHANGE”!

      Yesterday our dear teacher decided to count during the 3rd part of salabhasana and instead of “nine, ten” he counted “nine, nine and a half, nine and three quarters, ten. *pregnant pause* CHANGE”

      oooooo wow that was tricky!

  5. Since you’ve posted the video to twitter, I’ve watched it a bunch of times. Makes me laff. Every. Single. Time.

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