Waiting, waiting.

So I FINALLY got supporting documentation from the studio.

EXCEPT that when they did a copy paste job, the person forgot to correct my name. So instead of the letter saying “Miss Ng”, it says “Miss Leow”, the other bender’s name.



Here’s hoping that the rectified letter is back by MONDAY for my interview on Tuesday! Yes folks, I shall be braving the traffic and weather and heading off to the US Embassy for the visa interview. The USA is the only place that I’ve been to that requires an interview. Holy! So I’ve managed to bug the great Tay master for tips as how to procede with the interview. He looks like such a badass, but he’s honestly one of the nicest guys I know! And yes, he’s single πŸ˜€

“Any tips, o wise one?”

“Yeah. Clean shaven. Make sure you have no facial hair”

“…I do NOT have facial hair. Wait, what are you trynna say?!”

“uhh. Yeah. Low cut top. Comb hair nice. Act sweet”

“I don’t have to act sweet, I AM sweet!” *beams via emoticon



[intermittent pause for the next hour until he logs off]

Poor boy.

Anyway, after feeling so Β angry and pissed off about the letter, here’s a song I looped to make me feel a little better. Yes, it’s a depressing song, yes, it’s about a love lost and best of all, it’s in Indonesian! Whopee!

Managed to find a copy of it floating on youtube WITH English karaoke subtitles. πŸ˜€

And my other favourite Indonesian song, Peter Pan’s “Mungkin Nanti” [Maybe Later]. I remember a band at the UMSA ball performing this song and me scream-singing my throat out to this song. It feels so surreal to be singing in your [other] mother tongue while in a foreign country. Makes one feel a tad patriotic, screw what the politicians have to say. Plus it was great fun educating the Kiwis as to why / how the average Malaysian speaks at least TWO languages fluently.


p.s : For my friends in the States, Bahasa Indonesia [Indonesian language] and Bahasa Malaysia [Malay language] is practically the same, barring some pronunciation / odd adjectives πŸ™‚

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  1. NB: bahasa indonesia is mainly influenced by Dutch.

  2. FYI.. both videos are the same songs. I’m sure you intended for the 2nd one to be Peter Pan right? hehe…

  3. Don’t overthink the interview. About the worst thing you could do is give them the sense that you are somehow “gaming” it. Just be yourself, answer the questions that they ask, and tell the truth.

    You would be amazed how many people have trouble with doing those three things, especially answering questions that were asked.

    • ..and if they dont believe you, just show them your awesome Dandayamana Dhanurasana!

      • LOL I have a feeling they will call security for fear that I may be hiding a bomb under my skirt!

        “She’s doing a funny maneuver! TAKE HER DOWN TAKE HER DOWN!”

        *cue 3 burly men throwing me to the ground like they do in American football.

        Ooof. Not good.

    • Thanks Duffy, always a pleasure to hear from you πŸ™‚

      I will yoga out all the worries and meditate / focus on the positive outcome πŸ™‚ Namaste

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